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Are you tired of searching for updated WAEC Past Questions online?

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Consider your stress over! Today you're going to get all your WAEC Past Questions & answers from 2003 - 2019 as a single bundle.

There’s a very high chance you’ve typed in a number of searches on google, “waec past question 2019”, “waec past questions pdf”

but you keep finding either incomplete or old past questions from as far back as 2011.

We know how frustrating it can be.

Many of  our students who went through similar situations have told us the stories.????

But you don’t have to go through any of that. No need to waste time downloading 20 different materials to prepare for your exams.

You can get every tool you need to ace your examinations in just one place!

Yes that’s right, with the Test Driller WASSCE mobile or desktop WAEC / WASSCE practice app,

you can access past questions as far back as 2003 till last year’s past questions.

Testdriller short Introductory Video (mobile app)

Would you like to join thousands of students currently preparing towards success?

or you’d rather go back to searching for free WAEC past questions & answers?

Guessed as much, You want success!

and just like our students from last year that aced their WAEC examination, you can too!

Download Here!!

But Wait Wait, wait just a second! Yes, it’s free to download,

you can practise a couple of questions and have access to a number of features.

However, you’re only limited to  accessing a couple of features.

One limitation is that you’ll only be able to practise just a handful of questions,

also, you won’t be able to get into the 30k challenge.

Oh you don’t know about the 30k challenge.

Well, if you’re interested, you can get into the WASSCE challenge using the app while it’s still open.

You can then compete with your friends for a prize of N30,000. You want in?


What are you willing to do to get the complete package?

How much are you willing to pay to get As & Bs in your WAEC examination?

to obtain every tool you need for a guaranteed success in your upcoming WAEC examination what can you do?

Well, if you bought past questions for each subject you’ll be taking at a bookshop, let’s start with the basic subjects. Mathematics, Use of English, Biology, each of them would cost you nothing less than N1000.

Here you can check the cost of ordering a mathematics WAEC past questions & answers from  Konga. Do the math, how much would it cost you to get materials for all the subjects you’re offering? N4000? N5000?

But again, you don’t need to do all that, we’re here to ease your stress. 

All you need is a license key for the Test Driller app to get every past question with a bunch of extra features to help you prepare.

Here’s how much the license key usually costs N1500. But not today! Today, you can get the license key for N1200 only!.

That’s right N1200 to get every WAEC past question from 2003 – 2019 and a load of other features to help guarantee your success. No internet needed, every feature available offline on your device. 

What are you waiting for? It’s not going to remain at N1200 forever, get yours now while the offer still lasts.

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