Italian Government Scholarships For Foreign Students

Italian Government Scholarships For Foreign Students

The scheme of the Italian Government Scholarship for foreign students 2019-2020 programme is to bring to bear the spirit of unity among universities in Italy and companies in Italy.  The Ministry of Foreign affairs and international cooperation is offering scholarships to foreign students, and Italian citizens based abroad. This scholarship seeks to promote international cultural, scientific and technological unity, basically to incite the Italian culture, practices and economy.


Eligibility For The Italian Government Scholarships For Foreign Students

Scholarships application are open to:

Foreign/international students who are not based in Italy and Italian citizens who are also not based in Italy.
Students who hold a suitable academic qualification necessitated by the Italian University.
Students who have submitted their application for one of the postgraduate courses (Laurea Magistrale or Master) included in the Program.
Applicants for Master’s Degree/Higher Education in Arts, Music, and Dance (AFAM) Programmes/Italian Language and Culture Courses who are not over 28 years old.
Applicants for PhD Programmes who are not over 30 years old.
Applicants for Research Projects under academic supervision who are not over 40 years old.
Candidates with a certificate of competence in the Italian language.
NB: Proof of competence in Italian is not obligatory for courses completely taught in English.

Selection Format Of The Italian Government Scholarships For Foreign Students

Based on thousands of applications received from applicants, only shortlisted candidates will be called for interview and the Selection Committee consisting of experts will interview the candidates. Nominations would be made purely on merit. Then the nominations will be sent to the Embassy of Italy for the final selection. The Government of Italy will make its own selection of applicants from the list of recommended candidates.


Since there are no scholarship aptitude tests that will be conducted, to get the Italian international scholarship, there are some steps you have to take. No, you do not have to be a genius to get a Master’s Scholarship in Italy, specifically the Italian Government Scholarships For Foreign Students. All that is needed is for you to be very clever in your kind of preparation and application. Here are the easiest ways to get the International Masters scholarship in Italy such as the Italian Government Scholarships For Foreign Students.

1. Acquaint yourself with the details and deadlines for the application
2. Work on defending your curriculum vitae (CV)
3. Build up your personal references; that is, someone you’ve worked with either in a professional or academic setting.
4. Have all essential supporting documents.
5. Ensure your passion for the scholarship you’ve applied for reflects boldly in your scholarship essay.
6. Include your academic achievements.
7. Acquaint yourself with details of the scholarship.

Documents Required For The Italian Government Scholarships For Foreign Students

1. The final transcript of all previous exams as well as the final grade (Bachelor’s Degree). Should these documents be unavailable, candidates should submit an updated transcript of the exams
2. Reference Letters were written by a Tutor/Professor/Employer. Reference Letters must be addressed to the University. Applicants must also provide full contacts of the Tutor/Professor/Employer.
3. Candidates should upload a video no more than one minute long about what drives them and their passion
4. CV/Resume
5. English language certificate (IELTS or TOEFL)
6. A valid Passport or Identity Document.

How To Apply For The Italian Government Scholarships

Applicants must complete and submit the online application form available upon registration by clicking here

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