Free JAMB Past Questions and Answers- 2024 UTME

Free JAMB Past Questions and Answers- 2024 UTME

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Are you preparing for the JAMB/UTME exams and seeking reliable jamb past questions to ensure success in one sitting? Look no further! Our extensive collection of JAMB past questions and answers for all subjects is just what you need to excel in your 2024 Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME).

We have compiled this pool of JAMB/UTME past questions and answer pdf materials below from our JAMB past questions and resources library to support your exam preparation. Download them for free now to improve your score!

The No #1 Exam Preparation App for WAEC & UTME

The 2024 JAMB UTME will be conducted completely via Computer-Based Testing (CBT). Therefore, we recommend you download the Edubaloo JAMB CBT Software for Android or the JAMB CBT Practice App for Apple Devices to simulate the exam environment accurately and experience what the actual exam feels like.

Edubaloo is designed to help students score 300+ in UTME exams and A’s in their WAEC. Downloading the app instantly gives you access to over 30,000 Jamb past questions, answers and explanations, instant feedback, performance tracking, and personalized AI-learning tools.

See one of Edubaloo’s AI tools in action below

Now that you have access to these valuable materials and software, let’s see how to make the most of them.

How to Pass 2024 JAMB with These JAMB Past Questions

>>> Familiarize yourself with the JAMB syllabus and exam format.

>>> After each practice with the past questions on the app, identify your strengths and weaknesses with the performance analytics feature.

>>> Create a personalized study plan that focuses on your weak areas while maintaining your strengths.

>>> Use the past questions to practice time management, a crucial skill for success in the UTME.

>>> Review the answers and explanations provided to gain a deeper understanding of the concepts.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to excel in your JAMB/UTME exams. Download our past questions and answers materials today and practice with the Edubaloo app for the best possible score!


Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I get past JAMB questions? offers a collection of over 20,000 free Jamb past questions, complete with thoroughly solved answers, in-depth solutions, and clear explanations, all designed to enhance your performance in the upcoming Jamb 2024 exams. You can access free Jamb past questions across various subjects, including Mathematics, English, Biology, Physics, Economics, Chemistry, Geography, Literature, Accounting, CRS, and more. 

How to pass JAMB 2024 successfully?

>>> Set a goal to achieve a specific score, which will help focus your efforts and provide a clear target.
>>> Start studying early to ensure you have ample time to cover all necessary topics and subjects comprehensively.
>>> Study with the Edubaloo JAMB CBT app to access a wide range of resources, including practice questions and interactive learning tools.
>>> Study regularly and never miss your daily streak on the Edubaloo app to build a consistent study habit and reinforce your learning.
>>> Create a Reading Timetable to organize your study sessions effectively, ensuring balanced coverage of all subjects.
>>> Study With the JAMB Syllabus and master the JAMB Exam Format by practicing past questions on the Edubaloo JAMB app to familiarize yourself with the types of questions to expect and the exam structure.
>>> Seek help for topics you find challenging by consulting teachers, and peers, or using Edubaloo’s Ask baloo feature. 

Do JAMB repeat past questions?

JAMB does not directly repeat questions from past exams but certain question types or topics might recur yearly. So it’s still important to practice jamb past questions to be familiar with these question formats. 

How many hours is JAMB exam?

2 hours. The JAMB UTME is a CBT (Computer-Based Test). The exam is two hours long and you’ll answer questions from four subjects that are relevant to your desired course of study. 

Do JAMB ask questions outside their syllabus?

JAMB always provides a syllabus and never asks questions from topics outside it. By thoroughly reviewing and studying topics in the provided syllabus, you’ll be well-prepared for the exam.

Is JAMB very hard?

JAMB exam isn’t hard as long as you prepare adequately. Infact, it is one of the easiest examinations to pass because you are given a syllabus of topics and recommended textbooks to study. Then prepare along with Edubaloo JAMB CBT and past questions app and you are good to go!

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