What to Expect in the Coronation Merchant Bank Aptitude Test & E-Basket

What to Expect in the Coronation Merchant Bank Aptitude Test & E-Basket

Are you looking for an update on the Coronation Merchant Bank aptitude test and E-Basket? You are right on track! Working with Coronation Merchant bank offers benefits like a pay rise, health insurance, travel and home insurance, job security, and career growth. Therefore, the recruitment process is highly competitive and you have to stand out in the aptitude test. So, in this article, we have researched all possible areas you can come across in the Coronation Merchant Bank Aptitude Test & E-Basket and how best you can prepare for the test.

About Coronation Merchant Bank

The Coronation Merchant Bank is a hub for investment services in Nigeria. They primarily raise capital and provide advisory guidance on capital market transactions. Its operation began as early as 1993 when it first existed under Associated Discount House Limited (ADHL) umbrellas. It was licensed as a merchant bank and FX dealer in 2015.

The bank has grown successfully with the right workforce and young talent. Their biggest goal is to nurture young talent while creating an enabling work culture for all.

The Coronation Bank Aptitude Test and E-Basket

The coronation bank aptitude test and ebasket precede the other stages of the recruitment process – an oral interview, an interview with one of the management team, and an offer of employment. This aptitude test is conducted to sieve the suitable candidates for the job. Candidates will be expected to attempt both the aptitude test and the Ebasket. 

The Aptitude Test

The aptitude test will test candidates in different formats. These formats include:

Verbal Reasoning

Verbal reasoning is one of the three areas candidates will be tested on the day of the test. Verbal reasoning will test your ability to answer questions from a logical concept expressed in words. Most times, they are designed or drawn from English Comprehension. It can cover lexical meanings, sentence structure, or even slight idiomatic meanings. Some aspects that candidates can focus on include spelling, grammar, and analogies.

Quantitative Reasoning

Quantitative reasoning is one of the crucial aspects of this aptitude test. This area test candidates’ ability to solve problems with numbers. Skill areas that will be tested on that day include,

  • Ability to read and interpret mathematical information.
  • Ability to find appropriate methods to solve them.
  • Ability to resolve questions and find the right solution.

Logical Reasoning

Logical reasoning is a core part of the coronation bank aptitude test and ebasket. This test can be verbal or non-verbal. In verbal logical reasoning, candidates will be presented with questions in words, while in nonverbal, candidates are presented with questions in figures, diagrams, and even images. Candidates can familiarize themselves with number series, letter series, analogies, logical sequence words, Venn diagrams, image series, construction of shape, and rule detection.


The E-basket section will test candidates on a broader scope of the Coronation Merchant Bank Aptitude test. In this section, candidates will be required to attempt questions from mathematics, comprehension, and essay. In the essay part, you will be required to pick a topic and develop content around the topic. You should practice more on lexis and structure, mechanical accuracy, and organizational skills.

Historical Questions about Coronation Bank

For a rounded prep before the test, candidates can study and learn about the Coronation Bank from their website. It is a great way to learn about the bank’s culture, vision, mission, and history.

6 Things to Look Out for Before and During the Coronation Merchant Bank Aptitude Test.

1. Invitation Request to Participate

The Coronation Merchant Bank aptitude test & e-basket is strictly by invitation. Candidates are invited either through their corporate email or as a text to designated phone numbers of qualified candidates. Candidates are to verify the sources of any suspected email by calling their help desk through their website before engaging in any preparation.

2. Take Note of All Instructions in the Invitation

The invitation request to participate in the Coronation Merchant Bank aptitude test comes with the necessary instructions to guide you before and during the aptitude test. Candidates are to note the time of examination, the venue the test will be held, documents to come out with, and areas of concentration (if included).

3. Study the Format of the Aptitude

In the past, some candidates have been misguided on the right test format for this test. It was caused by inadequate information and slight ignorance on the part of some candidates. The Coronation Merchant Bank aptitude test format will cover three distinct areas (already covered in the previous section). The test will not last more than 90 minutes, with more than 60 questions drawn. It can be subject to change according to the test body. 

4. Watch Out for Fake Test Guide

Pointing out a fake test guide can be difficult for most candidates. Some candidates have studied and prepared with fake past questions and answers, hoping to get shortlisted after the test. You can go through their website by checking their reviews and media presence to know what people say about them. Getting a genuine Coronation Merchant Bank aptitude test past questions and answers will help you better understand the main areas to focus on.

5. Pay Attention to Your Emotion.

There is every possibility that emotions can play a trick on you when preparing for the test. These emotions can be anxiety and fear. Your mental ability to control these factors can determine how well you can do well in the day of the test. Candidates can release tension by eating well and avoiding any late rush preparation that will cause panic and fear before the test.

6. Be Time Cautious.

Time is an excellent factor in the Coronation Merchant Bank aptitude test. This test will test your speed and accuracy level at all stages. Candidates are to prepare while working on their level of speed before the test. It can help cover more questions and boost your score after the test.


In this article, we have extensively covered all you need to know about the Coronation Merchant Bank aptitude test. One secret you can use in acing this aptitude test is the use of Coronation Merchant bank past questions and answers. These past questions and answers will help you know the feel of the examination, help you work on your speed, build your confidence, and give you the chance of seeing repeated questions.

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