All You Need To Know About TalentQ Aspect Ability Tests


All You Need To Know About TalentQ Aspect Ability Tests

TalentQ is a multinational organization that publishes psychometric tests for many companies across the globe. As a job seeker, chances are that you would take this test at some point. Talent Q, established in 2006 was founded by Roger Holdsworth who is also a co-founder of SHL. TalentQ Aptitude tests are used by companies to examine the reasoning and analytical abilities of prospective employees. Their products are available in more than 40 languages

Talent Q psychometric tests are held in high esteem by employers and clients include Astra Zeneca, BT, Carlsberg, Citi, RBS, Royal Mail and Volkswagen.


TalentQ Aspect Ability

This is one of the 3 major packages of TalentQ Aptitude test. Talent Q Elements and Talent Q Dimensional being the remaining two. This test is used to assess candidates ability and potential in the role of customer service, customer representation, and sales. Examples of professions in which aspect ability test can be used include, hospitality, call centres, manufacturing, emergency service, etc. This test is divided into 3; Aspect ability numeral, aspect ability verbal and aspect ability checking. The key to doing well in these tests is practising over and over again. download TalentQ Aptitude test past questions and answers.


Aspect Ability numeral

This test assesses how well a candidate can understand numerical data and make logical deductions using basic calculations and arithmetic as used in a workplace. The data can be given in form of tables, graphs, charts etc. For this test, you’ll be given 12 questions; time limit for the first question is 90 seconds while for subsequent ones is 75 seconds. You have averagely 10 minutes to complete this test. Also, read 8 Tips To Easily Pass Numerical Reasoning Tests.


Aspect Ability Verbal

This test assesses how an individual can read and comprehend written information. In this test, you’ll be given passages and then asked questions based on your understanding of the passage. you’ll be given four answer options from which you’re required to pick one. You’ll be given 12 questions in total; time limit for the first question is 75 seconds while for subsequent ones is 60 seconds. You have averagely 8 minutes to complete this test.  Read more on How To Pass Verbal Reasoning Tests Easily.


Aspect Ability Checking

This test assesses how fast and accurate candidates can detect error and inconsistencies in a given set of data. Data is given in form of a table, 8 different ones and each table contain about 5-6 rows. You’ll be required to examine and compare the data in each table with one another and then point out errors you notice. You’ll be timed with respect to the number of rows in each table given. usually, you’ll have a maximum of 10 seconds for each row hence if a table has 6 rows, you have 60 seconds to answer the questions.


How To Pass TalentQ Aspect Ability Tests

Similar to many other aptitude tests, it is important that you practise very very well for these tests. This helps to develop your speed and accuracy, get you familiar with the question pattern and other challenges you might face in the course of the exam such that on the D- day, your confidence level will be maximum and your performance will be topnotch. Download TalentQ Aspect Ability test past questions and answers for free.

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