8 Tips To Easily Pass Numerical Reasoning Tests

Numerical Reasoning Test

8 Tips To Easily Pass Numerical Reasoning Tests

Numerical Reasoning Tests is sometimes accompanied by fear and hesitation in candidates. Because it’s math related? Maybe, but truthfully, math-related tasks are easier than they seem at first glance. In this post, we’ll be giving you tips and tricks, approaches and handy advice on how to easily pass numerical reasoning tests.

What Is A Numerical Reasoning Test?

Numerical Reasoning Tests are designed to test a candidates math skill i.e how you can make decisions based on numerical data. The test often contains questions on Ratios, Percentage Increase/Decrease, Cost and Sales Analysis, Rates and Trends, and Currency Conversions. It requires you to answer questions based on facts and figures, normally with one correct option to pick for each question.

Going straight to why we’re here;

Numerical Reasoning TestTIP 1:  Know The Basics

Numerical Reasoning tests often rely on basic mathematical operations like addition, subtraction, division, multiplication. It is upon these that further tools like percentages, ratios, cost analysis, e.t.c are applied.  Be sure to study and understand these basic concepts and you’re one step ahead on improving your numerical skill.

Tip 2:  Practice

invest enough time in practising questions before your exam day. Get past questions on the exam you would be doing and practice very well. practice like you’re doing the real exam. You can start by downloading exam specific numerical test past questions and answers for jobs or scholarship exams. Practising basic mathematical skills and numerical tests beforehand can cause dramatic changes in your performance. This applies to any aptitude test you are preparing for.

Tip 3. Sharpen Your Data Interpretation Skills

Since most numerical tests use a wide array of graphs and charts to present information, you need to get used to reading data like that. Reading and discerning adequate information from complex graphs and tables contributes greatly to the delayed response that most candidates suffer while doing these tests.

Tip 4: Read All Instructions And Keep To Time

Read instructions provided before you begin your numerical reasoning test assessment. During this time note down on your rough working paper on how many questions you are to answer and quickly calculate how long you have to complete the assessment. If you were to answer every question – calculate how many questions per minute you would need to answer e.g. 10 questions in 20 minutes would be two minutes per question. Remember the questions are not always in order of difficulty you can note difficult questions and come back to them at the end if you have time. You should read more of effective time management for exams.

Tip 5: Know How To Use A Calculator

it is essential that you know how to skillfully use a calculator especially for percentages and lengthy calculations. Practice with your own calculator and come with it to the assessment center. Be familiar with the keys, layout, and functions of your calculator. Using your calculator wisely can become a substantial time saver.

Tip 6: Pay Attention To Units.

A commonly used method to test candidates is to present a table of numbers in a thousand for example. A sloppy candidate misses this and gives the wrong answer. The wrong answer is usually one of the options, so make sure you take note of all the information presented in tables and graphs. Practice will help you get used to taking note of these details.

Tip 7: Review Your Work

If you finish your work and you still have time, go back and review your answers. Also go back to check questions you found difficult during the exams and probably passed on.

Tip 8: Practice, Practice, Practice

Don’t be overconfident because numerical reasoning tests are typically multiple choice. They are designed to identify the best candidates so they will be challenging. You need to be well prepared and should have done many practice questions before the D-day. Read more on why past questions are important for exam success. 

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