Effective Time Management For Exams And Preparation

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Effective Time Management For Exams And Preparation

There you were yesterday, stuck with so many things to do breathing down your neck, with absolutely no clue in the world as to how to have all done; especially within a short period of time. You grabbed a seat, sipping on some hot cup of coffee, then this beautiful idea struck your mind! At first, you got so elated about this idea. Thought about the billions that could be fetched from it, then suddenly, reality begins to creep in and like a rock, it finally hits you. Oh! how perfect would this idea have been if only you had the time for it? There and then, you stuck it out, or you had it locked up, till God knows when. Of course, it’s no fault of yours. The time is just not there for you.

Today, you are working on this important job, then that idea of yesterday begins to bug your mind. You begin to consider it, especially because it’s bugging your mind seriously.  Finally, after subjecting it to deep research, you realise it’s yet another job, having it all done! Now, another job, plus this one you are on? Here, you start wondering how you can combine these two time-demanding jobs, your mind job inclusive. Alas! You realise you are not a robot, you are busy! This idea, has to be kicked out of your mind! Now, and forever, once and for all.

Now, going by your innocent excuse of striking such a million dollar idea out, it’s definitely no fault of yours. One, time, since inception, has been no friend of man. Two, you were no robot, cannot imagine having all these things done day in, day out. But have you ever wondered why the same twenty-four hours that have been allocated to man, surprisingly seems more for the successful people? Have you ever thought of making the time your best friend? That time isn’t enough, does not mean time cannot be enough. The trick is in how it is being utilized, how it is being managed.

Question is, how do I manage my time?



In order to use time effectively and most importantly, judiciously, knowing your goal is paramount. That particular job that is depriving you of venturing into other goals of yours, how important is it to you? Very important? Well, how much does it support your goal in life? Is it in anyway related to your goals? If you must manage your time effectively, you must understand that channelling the time you have now to what matters the most, is a headway to not just making use of your time effectively, but also achieving your goals.



Organizing your time well is the best way to avoid last-minute stress and guilt. Stay motivated and set aside quality time for leisure, your friends and family. For instance, setting a weekly plan keeps you ahead of approaching deadlines. When estimating the amount of time necessary for each task, completing each of them is very feasible.



You see, the word ‘Distraction’ varies to people. What exactly makes your time never seem enough asides the important things you have to do? If its something of no benefit to you, and of course is stealing so much into your time, it should be considered as a distraction. How appealing are the long hours of your favourite television show, compared to the golden idea of yours screaming to be carried out? Especially if it’s one ready to spill out billions for you? You get rid of distractions, does not necessarily mean you should be deprived of your fun and the things that make you happy. It is about knowing and going for the better things in life. Or rather, striking a balance.



Success and being creative, work hand in hand. All successful people are masters in the art of creativity. What does this mean? Successful people are people who are given to multitasking. Now, if you are one who strikes off ideas owing to the time factor, how often are you prepared to watch golden opportunities go down the drain? No successful person has ever admitted to time being enough. But you know what brings about the uniqueness? A successful person is ready to make the time enough, and every minute count.

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