Why Emotional Intelligence Is Important For Students

Why Emotional Intelligence Is Important For Students

Emotional Intelligence is the ability to understand and interpret one’s own emotions and that of others as well as respond appropriately to them. It is measured as Emotional Quotient (EQ). Most experts believe that EQ may be much more important in Life than Intelligence Quotient (IQ) and is a better predictor of success, relationships and overall well being in Life.
EQ, unlike IQ, cannot be supported by data, as has been by Intelligence Quotient. EQ can, however, be thought of as an individual’s ability to be:

● Empathic:

comprising of the ability to understand and feel for other people. Seeing ourselves in the shoes of others when necessary. Making efforts to view things from the perspective of others.

● Self-Motivated:

encompassing our internal drive to self-actualization. Not depending solely on external motivation networks but also encouraging ourselves to perform and accomplish goals.

● Self-Management and Self-Regulation:

encompasses the ability to be in check with our emotions. It is also the ability to control our emotions as well as our reactions to situations and responses to discussions or misunderstandings.

● Self-aware:

understanding yourself and being able to both recognize and understand others; their behaviours and emotions.

EQ is not the enemy of IQ, in fact, it is most preferred to have both high EQ and high IQ. Life has been recognized as an inherently social construct. Conveying and communicating what is contained in the IQ would be required in the presence of the EQ.

EQ, as a driver of success, does not only apply in our private lives but also our academic life, social life and the likes. Yes EQ drives life, but if care and concern, as well as control, is not taken, bad decisions could spring up from it.
Reasons EQ determines success:
● EQ has a stronger hand in success: It has been said that IQ will get you somewhere or something but EQ will help you keep it. This is to say that without EQ, nothing can be sustained. Two things are greater determinants of success than IQ, these are EQ and SQ (social Intelligence).

● High EQ leads to healthy relationships: Our emotional skills are what is majorly responsible for our relationships with people, be it just friendship or more. It serves as a sustenance or food to relationships. It is important to understand their feelings, points of view and emotions in order to maintain a solemn relationship. We cannot maintain a solid relationship unless we learn how to control our emotions and thoughts as well as feelings. To step down sometimes to understand others.

● Emotional health impacts on Physical health: It has been gathered that there is a direct relationship between emotional health and physical health. It is simple. This is because a poor emotional health which would result in stress would inevitably lead to a physical break down. We experience stress basically because we are not comfortable emotionally.

We must learn to motivate ourselves and also learn self-control. Unless we learn to manage our emotions, we will constantly be battling with downtimes – feeling of gloom and distress.
Think about it.

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