How To Pass Access Bank Job Aptitude Test and Interview In 2022


How To Pass Access Bank Job Aptitude Test and Interview In 2022

Talking of how to succeed in Access Bank job Aptitude test, nothing good comes easy especially when it is something you have been hoping to achieve for a long time. However, with adequate preparation and determination, it can be a walk in the park for you. Passing an aptitude test in an interview especially in one of the prominent banks like Access bank takes proper preparation. Yes, it could be draining, but when you are prepared, you have a higher edge.

There are definitely tips to passing jobs aptitude tests in Nigeria, follow me as I specifically take you through all you need to know about Access Bank Job Aptitude Test Format, but before that, let me familiarize you with their test format.

 Access Bank Job Aptitude Test Format

Access Bank Plc, commonly known as Access Bank, is a Nigerian multinational commercial bank, owned by Access Bank Group. It is licensed by the Central Bank of Nigeria, the national banking regulator. It was founded in 1989 (just in case you are asked). 

Access Bank Aptitude Test is part of Access Bank recruitment process. After you’ve sent in your application online, candidates that meet the Bank’s requirements are invited for a written test.

Dragnet is the publisher of psychometric test for Access bank. I have previously written on tips to pass dragnet tests well. Now, let’s go through the various sections to expect in the test you’re about to write.

1. Numerical reasoning tests assess candidates’ level of skill and capabilities for the job. Basic math skills such as ratios, percentages, and BODMAS will be tested because these are required on daily basis on the job. Ability to comprehend and analyse numerical data will come n handy for candidates applying for graduate and managerial positions.

2. Verbal reasoning tests assess candidates’ understanding and comprehension skills. It’s a 12-15 minutes test in which candidates will be given a passage and will be required to answer ‘true’, ‘false’ or ‘can not say’ answer to questions asked based on the passage. In the reading comprehension part, you’ll be required to choose two answers. This can be very tricky, hence the need to practice well before going for the exam.

Download Access Bank Test Past Questions and Solutions pdf

3. Logical reasoning/spatial: Logical reasoning tests assess a candidate’s ability to use structured thinking to deduce from a short passage which of a number of statements is the most accurate response to a posed question.

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Success Tips To Pass Access Bank Test Questions and Interview

1. Know The Bank

Like the saying goes, know your competition. In this case, your direct competition may isn’t Access bank but knowing what the bank is all about is a very big step to passing your aptitude test. Know basic information about Access Bank, know the date it was founded, the name of the head chairman, how many branches it has in Nigeria etc. These are basic questions you should familiarize yourself with, which could help you directly or indirectly when you are to answer your bank job aptitude test questions.

2. Be Prepared

This can be likened to number one, but it a step further from knowing what Access Bank is all about. You would wonder why the boy scout is always on the go, always having all the necessary equipment ready when something goes wrong, it’s because they know anything can happen to anyone at any time. Getting prepared is one of the biggest favors you can do yourself. do a research on people who have taken Access bank aptitude test or other banks aptitude tests. The only thing more informative than a book right now is the internet, you will always get answers. I have previously written on Aptitude test format of Nigerian Banks and How to pass Nigerian banks job tests. Check them out. 

3. Get Access Bank Test Past Questions and Revise Past Interview Questions

Rest assured, Access Bank aptitude test questions cannot come from the sky, they would definitely be questions already asked, they might just be twisted a little bit to test you further. Examples of past interview questions; “What is your greatest achievement in your former workplace?”, “what are your thoughts in the state of the economy”, “are you the last child of your family?” Etc. You might want to check possible Access Bank aptitude tests questionsPast questions will prepare and give you added confidence. Remember, when you fail to prepare, you prepare to fail.

4. Be Confident

Firstly, dress like you are going for your first work day. Dress like you are already employed. This is because your dressing boosts your inner and outer confidence. One of the first things that can discourage an employer from employing you in an institution like Access bank is when you lack any iota of confidence. How does confidence help me pass an aptitude test you ask? Because nobody likes an insecure person, also being overly confident could also draw the line, so applying a good proportion of it when answering your aptitude test questions goes a long way in you getting employed. During the interview, sit right, stare them right in the face, don’t frown or smile unnecessarily, avoid blabbering, even when you don’t know the exact answer to be confident in whatever you have to say. Do not use words like “I think”, be sure or act sure of your answers.

5. Be Brief and Straightforward

When answering Access Bank test question, its a big waste of time to beat around the bush because the test duration is limited. You must be able to manage time judiciously. So be specific in your answers. Imbibe good speed and accuracy especially in the numerical reasoning.

6. Be Healthy

Firstly, your physical strength is greatly needed, be sure you are very much healthy before going for the interview, there was a time they told unfriend to do 20 pushups, it’s not a joke, it’s to test your strength. Also, Access Bank aptitude test requires a lot of your mental energy, you need your mind to function well. You have to be emotional and mentally available, try putting all your worries at home and determine you are going to Access Bank to succeed. Taking baggage with you can claim your employment letter from you.

In conclusion, we have been able to consider 6 tips to help you be successful at your forthcoming aptitude test. Although all these things are important, it is no mystery that the primary key to succeeding in most tests is adequate preparation. Get preparation materials for both the test and the interview. This can not be stressed enough!

 Download Access Bank Job Past Questions if you truly want to succeed in your forthcoming test. Remember, WHEN YOU FAIL TO PREPARE, YOU PREPARE TO FAIL.

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