The Ultimate Guide: How to Pass MainOne Graduate Trainee Aptitude Test 2022

The Ultimate Guide: How to Pass MainOne Graduate Trainee Aptitude Test 2022

Are you interested in joining the MainOne Cable workforce? You are on the right page! The purpose of the MainOne graduate trainee program is to recruit intelligent and versatile individuals into their workforce. Successful candidates are expected to complete a 6-week intensive training to prepare them for different positions.

About MainOne

MainOne Cable has been one of the pioneers of innovative telecom services and network solutions for businesses in Nigeria and West Africa. With its coverage growing massively, it currently services more than ten countries in West Africa.

Today, MainOne Cable has been chiefly responsible for nurturing talents and its workforce’s sustainability. Since the inception of this great company, they have successfully employed more than 600 employees with more than 1000 enterprise customers.

What You Need to Know about the MainOne Graduate Trainee Recruitment

The MainOne Graduate Trainee Recruitment is geared toward preparing young and fresh talent for its workforce. This program will gradually expose graduates to the working principle and methodologies of MainOne Cable.

Also, shortlisted candidates are to expect.

  1. A 6-week mentoring process designed to nurture brilliant graduate who wants to be professional in their fields
  2. The program combines theoretical and practical approaches, exposing candidates to different tools and working principles.
  3. And most significantly, an offer letter of employment for individuals who completed the 6-week training.

What are the Requirements for the MainOne Graduate Trainee Recruitment?

If you have previously applied for the MainOne Graduate Trainee Recruitment but didn’t sail through, here are some vital points you should consider before applying to this program.

Your Academic Grades.

The MainOne Graduate Trainee Programme is for Second-Class Upper qualification and above.

Your Work Experience

Candidates should have 0 – 3 years post NYSC work experience and should have completed the one-year mandatory National Youth Services.


Certification can also be an additional booster in the MainOne Graduate Trainee Recruitment. Some desired Certifications include; CCNA, CCNP, ITIL, and a relevant post-graduate degree.

What is the Recruitment Process of the MainOne Graduate Trainee Program?

The Workforce Group currently handles the MainOne Graduate Trainee recruitment process. It is a third-party recruitment agency conducting recruitment exercises for Nigeria’s organizations. 

So, if you have already applied and are preparing for the forthcoming MainOne Graduate Trainee Interview, here is how the recruitment process will go:

1. Aptitude Test: 

It is the initial stage of the MainOne Graduate Trainee Recruitment. After submitting your application, shortlisted candidates are to write an aptitude test that helps test their basic knowledge in specific areas that do not require prior knowledge. These areas include Numerical Reasoning, Verbal Reasoning, Logical Reasoning, and Composition.

2. An Interview Session

After completing the aptitude test, you will be invited to partake in a one-on-one interview session with a panel of HR professionals. The oral interview will test different areas of your experience (if any), skills, and confidence in all aspects.

3. An Offer 

Upon completing the previous stage, you will receive an offer letter stating an invitation for a 6-week MainOne Graduate Trainee Programme.

What to Expect in the Aptitude Test

This test will cover:

1. Numerical Reasoning 

This section will evaluate candidates using mathematical skills to solve different arithmetic problems. Primary arithmetic areas to cover include ratio, percentage, profit and loss, algebra, e.t.c

2. Verbal Reasoning

The area of verbal reasoning will test candidates on their ability to understand short passages using English. Candidates will also be expected to answer some comprehension questions.

3. Critical/Abstract Reasoning

This aspect will require exam takers to “obtain, interpret, and use knowledge, facts, and data,” using logical thinking to make a proper decision.

4. The Essay 

The essay part of the aptitude test will comprise a topic or letter for candidates to demonstrate their writing skills. Candidates are to take note of their spelling, lexis and structure, Organization, and content.

5 Tips to Pass the Aptitude Test 

1. Get past questions

As stated earlier, the Workforce Group conducts the MainOne aptitude test. Therefore, the easy solution to this is to understand the pattern with which Workforce structures her aptitude tests, and you’re ready to go. 

To effectively pass the MainOne Graduates trainee Aptitude test, you need to study with the right past questions and answers. These MainOne Job Aptitude Test Past Questions and Answers PDF have been curated from the previous MainOne Aptitude test. They’ll give you the insight you need into what to expect in the test. Additionally, you’ll get the chance to practice the questions that might get repeated.

2. Practice daily

Practice, they say, makes perfect. Practising past questions and answers helps you to get familiar with the questions on time. You will notice areas of your strength that need more revisions during practice. Engaging in this process will help you improve your score and chances of getting selected.

3. Keep in mind the format of the Test.

A critical aspect that needs to be considered is the test format. You should understand the test format before taking the examination. Some things you should keep in mind are; the number of questions to expect, the different question sections, and the pattern of the questions.

4. Minimize Distraction

If possible, eliminate all forms of distractions during your study process or at least keep them to the bare minimum. Sometimes, distractions don’t just come from second parties, we can breed them ourselves. Actively seeing that you rid yourself of anything that can divide your attention will help you concentrate better and remove anxieties.

5. Follow Instructions and Manage Your Time Effectively

When taking the test, you would be provided with a set of instructions. These instructions are there to guide you so, adhere to them strictly. Additionally, It would be best if you answered more questions as quickly as possible and spend less than 50 seconds on each question because your time will be limited. So, if you find a question difficult, move to the next one rather than spending too much time on it. 

Final Takeaway

Many candidates have missed this opportunity due to self mistakes and negligence. This guide has shown you the nitty gritty of the MainOne Graduate Trainee Recruitment, including how to pass the Main One job aptitude test. Follow these strategies, get an accurate MainOne aptitude test past question material and work your way to success.

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