How To Pass SHL Style Test (CEB Test)

How To Pass SHL Style Test (CEB Test)

There are many Job psychometric test publishers for many organizations, one of the leading ones is SHL. As a job-seeker, you’ll most definitely have to take a lot of aptitude tests. I have previously written on Workforce, Dragnet, KPMG, Kexena, Saville tests e.t.c but some of these job tests are also published by SHL. In this post, you’ll learn all you need to know about SHL and How To Pass SHL Aptitude Tests.


About SHL Aptitude Test Format

SHL is a global consultancy firm and a major publisher of psychometric tests for many organizations. they operate in more than 50 countries and has assessment test available in over 30 languages.

SHL Aptitude test basically tests candidates efficiency for the job they are applying for. The first stage of assessment is an online test. In this case, a link containing the tests is sent to candidates, this test is very timed and quite challenging. Candidates that successfully pass the first stage is invited for another assessment but this is done at an assessment center with invigilators to supervise the exam. SHL does this to reduce the chance of cheating in the exam. The best way to prepare for SHL test is to practise well and this requires you working through as many practice questions as you can get.


At this point, you can pause and download SHL past questions and answers.


There are many tests published by SHL, the major ones are

1. SHL Verbal Reasoning Test:

Verbal Reasoning tests assess candidates’ understanding and comprehension skills. It’s a 12-15 minutes test in which candidates will be given a passage and will be required to answer ‘true’, ‘false’ or ‘cannot say’ answer to questions asked based on the passage. Check this to know more about How To Pass Verbal Reasoning Tests Easily

2. SHL Inductive Reasoning Test:

The aim of this test is to evaluate candidates’ ability at skills such as interpretation of patterns, number sequences or the relationships between shapes. In this test, candidates will be given sets of shapes, patterns or diagrams and will be required to figure out differences or similarities between them and make logical deductions. It is usually a 20-25 minutes test. Depending on the job position applied for. You can find this helpful  Surefire Hints On How To Blast Your Next Logical Reasoning Test

3. SHL Reading Comprehension Test:

This test assesses candidates’ ability to relevant deduce information and make logical conclusions from data given in written form. Usually, candidates are given 10 to 30 minutes to complete this test.

4. SHL Numerical Reasoning Test:

This test is designed to examine candidates’ ability to interpret and analyze numerical data. Numerical Reasoning Tests generally reviews candidates math skill i.e how you can make decisions based on numerical data. Data is given in form of graphs, pie charts and tables and questions are asked based on them. It is usually a 15-25 minutes test, depending on the job position. Read more on 8 Tips To Easily Pass Numerical Reasoning Tests.

5. SHL spatial awareness:

In this test, you’ll be given 2 diagrams that are similar in some ways. You’ll then be given 4 options as possible answers from which you figure out which diagram doesn’t have the same thing in common as the first 2 diagrams.

6. SHL Error Checking Test:

This test assesses how fast and accurate candidates can detect error and inconsistencies in a given set of data. Data is given in form of a table, 5-10 different letters and numbers one row and on the second row. Your task will be to examine and compare the data in each table with one another and then point out errors you notice. And to make sure the data in both rows are the same. you have limited time to do this.

other SHL tests include SHL Deductive Reasoning Test, SHL situational judgment test, SHL Calculation Test, SHL mechanical test.


How To Prepare for SHL Assessment Test

SHL test usually pose a challenge to candidates in that they have very very limited time to answer all the questions. this means speed and accuracy is very essential. Practicing beforehand will do you a great favor in that you would have gotten accustomed to the test pattern and other exam conditions. Hence you know what to expect.  Also, practicing very well helps to boost candidates confidence and reduce whatever anxiety you might feel for the exam. Do not cheat in exam hall. Do not waste too much time on questions that are difficult for you to answer. Do well to download SHL past questions and solutions for free.


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