How To Pass Stanbic IBTC Bank Job Test Format

How To Pass Stanbic IBTC Bank Job Test Format

How To Pass Stanbic IBTC Bank Job Test Format

Do you plan to apply for a job at or You got Stanbic IBTC Bank test invite? This post ‘How to pass stanbic IBTC Bank Job Test’ is for you. Follow me as i take you through all you need to know about Stanbic IBTC Job Test Format.


Do well to download Stanbic IBTC SHL past questions and solutions.


About Stanbic IBTC Bank Test Format

Stanbic IBTC Bank is no doubt one of the leading banks within and outside the country. It was founded in 2 February 1989. and its parent organization is Stanbic IBTC Holdings. 

Stanbic IBTC Bank assessment test is part of Stanbic IBTC Bank recruitment process. Selected candidates that applied for different positions in the bank are sent an invite to take the test.

CEB SHL is the publisher of psychometric test for Stanbic IBTC.  For Stanbic IBTC CEB SHL test, you’ll be given 48 verbal reasoning questions and 35 numerical reasoning questions to be answered in 25 and 35 minutes respectively.

I have previously written on success tips for SHL Style tests.

Numerical reasoning tests assess candidates’ level of skill and capabilities for the job. Basic math skills such as ratios, percentages and BODMAS will be tested because these are required on daily basis on the job. Ability to comprehend and analyse numerical data will come n handy for candidates applying for graduate and managerial positions.

Verbal reasoning tests assess candidates’ understanding and comprehension skills. It’s a 12-15 minutes test in which candidates will be given a passage and will be required to answer ‘true’, ‘false’ or ‘can not say’ answer to questions asked based on the passage

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How To Prepare for Stanbic IBTC Bank Assessment Test

Given enough time, many candidates will pass job aptitude tests very well but that isn’t the case. SHL test usually pose a challenge to candidates in that they have very very limited time to answer all the questions. This means time management, speed and accuracy is very essential to pass this test.To master these, you will have to do a lot of practise with past questions beforehand.  Practicing beforehand will do you a great favor in that you would have gotten accustomed to the test pattern and other exam conditions. Hence you know what to expect.  Also, practicing very well helps to boost candidates confidence and reduce whatever anxiety you might feel for the exam. Do not cheat in exam hall. Do not waste too much time on questions that are difficult for you to answer. Do well to download Stanbic IBTC SHL past questions and solutions.

All the best in your tests.

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