How To Pass Nigerian Banks Job Aptitude Tests In 2019

How To Pass Nigerian Banks Aptitude Test

How To Pass Nigerian Banks Job Aptitude Tests In 2019

If you’re seeking to get employment at one of the banks in Nigeria, best believe you’re going to write one of the many job aptitude tests. Being unemployed is not something novel in Nigeria. As a matter of fact, research has it that the biggest problem confronting Nigerians is unemployment. Of course, not all job spaces are filled up, we all know how the standard of interviews is set really high, thus making employment a herculean task.

Getting employed in a bank does not come easy. Most people fail jobs aptitude tests as a result of their inability to posit their competence properly. This article has been written to expound on how to pass Nigerian bank job aptitude tests and secure your desired job. Have you been invited for a bank’s job aptitude test and you are clueless on how to pass the aptitude test? Do you want easy ways to pass any bank aptitude test? Are you a fresh graduate or an experienced graduate who doesn’t want to sit for a bank’s job aptitude test anymore? Here’s an ultimate guide to passing any bank’s job aptitude test.

Bank Aptitude Test  Format

There are different publishers like Kexena, Dragnet, SHL, GMAT, etc for different banks aptitude test. The format of the exam you’d write will depend on the publisher the bank uses. For example, UBA uses GMAT aptitude test format, Zenith bank uses Dragnet format, Stanbic IBTC uses SHL style, to mention a few.

You may find the following links useful.

I have previously written on the different Nigerian banks and their test formats. Do well to check it out. Basically, these test will include 3 to 4 sections:

  1. Verbal reasoning/ Reading comprehension: This is a psychometric test used to determine an individual’s ability to make use of the English language and apply it to written rules. For more tips, read how to pass verbal reasoning test
  2. Numerical reasoning/Quantitative reasoning: This is a kind of test that measures a candidate’s ability to interpret data through calculations. Here, one comes across questions on arithmetic, word problems, data analysis, etc. It is a test set in order to evaluate a candidate’s numerical ability. I have previously written on how to pass numerical reasoning tests. Do check it out.
  3. Logical reasoning/spatial: Logical reasoning tests assess a candidate’s ability to use structured thinking to deduce from a short passage which of a number of statements is the most accurate response to a posed question. Also read surefire hints to pass your next logical reasoning exam. 

Download any bank aptitude test past question and answers pdf

5 Ways To Pass Nigerian Banks Job Aptitude Tests

You need no magic to pass a bank’s job aptitude test, your smartness is what stands you out. We all know the beginning always justifies the end during tests or exams. Getting it right at the scratch goes a long way in determining if you will get employed. How then do you get it right?

1. Be Time Conscious: Winners are people who are skilled in the art of time management. If there is one thing banks job aptitude tests look out for, is how a person is effective at working with the time. To pass a bank’s job aptitude test, knowing how to manage your time properly is what puts you at a vantage position. While working on your questions, try as much as possible to beat the time. Job aptitude tests are always timed, and truth be told, the time is little compared to the questions set.

2. Practice: Practice makes perfect. To understand your strengths and weaknesses, it is recommended you take some practice tests. The more questions you practice, the more comfortable you will be when sitting for the test. Here’s a little secret: most questions do not originate from the blues, their origin is rooted in past questions. Acquaint yourself with questions, it works like magic. It is important to practice with past questions, this helps you get familiar with what to expect in the aptitude test.  Download any aptitude test past question and answers for banks pdf

3. Know The Question Format: We have different aptitude tests. Some are based on verbal tests, some on abstract reasoning, some on quantitative analysis. You can’t afford to be blank on the kind of test you will be writing. One important way to pass any bank’s job aptitude test is to know the format of the test. Get informed on the test format for the aptitude test you will be sitting for, prior to the interview.

4. Read Instructions Carefully: No one wants to employ a sloppy employee, not at a bank. You should expect a bank worker to be highly meticulous, so prove to be worthy of the bank’s position. Before you attempt any question at all, ensure you are in line with what is expected of you. Just adhere strictly to the stipulated instructions.

5. Go With The Necessaries: When going for a bank’s job aptitude test, you need to go with necessary items or materials. Go to the exam hall with the required writing materials, and of course, a little extra may not be a bad idea.

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