5 Best JAMB CBT Apps for JAMB 2024

5 Best JAMB CBT Apps for JAMB 2024

UTME 2024 is just around the corner and one of the ultimate tools to score high in this exam is your JAMB CBT App. With the best JAMB CBT app, you can practice efficiently, familiarize yourself with the exam format, and potentially score as high as 300 in the upcoming JAMB. The market is flooded with several JAMB apps, making choosing the right one daunting. So we did the work for you, tested these apps, and came up with the 5 best JAMB cbt software based on how effective they are. You’ll also see our verdict at the end of the article, and be able to make the best choice and decide on the best JAMB CBT app.

Let’s get started!

A Quick Glance at the 5 Best JAMB CBT App

NameKey FeaturesPrice
Edubaloo– Best Overall.
– Comprehensive and updated past UTME questions database.
– JAMB syllabus.
– Offline accessibility.
– AI-powered personalised explanations.
– Search by topic.
– Bookmark ability.

Currently free
Scholarly– Past UTME questions and answers
– Offline accessibility.
– Bookmark feature
Myschool– Comprehensive past questions.
– Explanations
– Affordable
Testdriller– Past questions and answers
– Text to Speech
Flashlearners– JAMB syllabus
– Bookmarking ability


First on our list of Best JAMB CBT Apps is Edubaloo and with good reasons. Edubaloo JAMB app is designed with one goal in mind- passing your UTME in one sitting! The app has a database of thousands of JAMB UTME past questions, answers, and detailed explanations updated till 2023, and all available offline. Edubaloo also provides the latest JAMB syllabus, and summaries of JAMB novels and literary works, allowing you to quickly understand key themes, plot points, and characters without the need to read the entire books. 

While studying, if you find any questions difficult or would like to come back to any question, you can bookmark them and come back to study them at a more convenient time. Since JAMB is a CBT exam, it’s not enough to just have access to these past questions. 

It’s essential that you practice under timed conditions similar to the actual CBT exam interface and Edubaloo lets you do this with its JAMB CBT simulation feature. The best part is after each test, the app provides an analysis of your performance, helping you identify which subjects or topics require more focus. identifying and concentrating on your weaker areas can double your chances of scoring as high as 300 in your JAMB CBT exam. 

Aside from all these features, what stood out best for us while testing Edubaloo is the app’s AI personalised learning features. Edubaloo has two AI-powered features: Snap Solver and Ask Baloo. Snap Solver allows you to take a photo of any question and receive instant answers and explanations. This means your study isn’t limited to just JAMB past questions. You can take a picture of any question from your classroom notes and textbooks even those with diagrams and charts, and get instant explanations. 

See the Snap Solver in action here:

Although many JAMB past questions apps provide answers to their questions, only a few provide explanations to these questions. The few ones that do only provide brief explanations which might not be sufficient for you to thoroughly understand the topic. This can be problematic during the exam if you face questions on the same topic but phrased differently.

However, with Edubaloo’s Ask Baloo AI feature, you not only get explanations to answer, but you can get a thorough and detailed explanation of the entire topic. So if you encounter a different type of question from the same topic, you will answer it easily. 

While testing the app, we also like how you can personalise these explanations to your learning presence. For example, you can ask it to explain to you in an easy-to-understand manner, or you can ask it to explain with different illustrations. You’ll hardly be able to direct your teacher this way in your classroom. So you have your personal tutor right on your palms. The best part is these AI features are trained on the JAMB UTME syllabus so you’ll be getting better, more explanatory, and personalised answers compared to if you were using chatGPT.

Practice makes perfect. You can only benefit from all these features if you study consistently. Edubaloo also motivates you to study every day with the daily streak feature. You get daily reminders to continue your study streak which is a fun way to motivate you to study. And when studying alone gets boring, you can connect with your friends and challenge them to study with you and see who scores the highest with the “challenge your friends” feature.

Overall, Edubaloo is more than just a JAMB app, it is also a personalised tutor, a study buddy, and a fun study companion that ensures you get admitted into your desired tertiary institution in one try. Getting started with Edubaloo is easy. The app is currently free and you require no activation key. Just download the app on Google Play, sign up, and start using it. 


  • Comprehensive Database of up-to-date past questions
  • Questions can be downloaded and accessible offline
  • Contains study aids like the JAMB syllabus, and summaries of JAMB novels and literary works.
  • You can bookmark questions to return to them later.
  • JAMB CBT simulation feature so you can practice as if you were taking the actual exam. 
  • Performance Analysis to help identify your strengths and weaknesses. 
  • AI Personalized Learning. Features like Snap Solver and Ask Baloo provide instant answers and personalized explanations for any question from past questions, classroom notes, textbooks, etc. 
  • It suits different learning styles. You can get explanations in any format you wish, including simple languages, illustrations, etc. 
  • You get daily reminders that motivate you to study.
  • It allows you to connect with friends for study challenges, making learning interactive and enjoyable.
  • No activation code is needed so you can download the app, sign up, and start using it in less than 5 minutes even on multiple phones. 
  • You can study by topic. Select any topic from the JAMB syllabus and start studying questions from them.
  • Getting started is easy as we found the app’s user interface and experience to be the best on this list. 


  • No in-built calculator yet

>>> Download Edubaloo Here


Scholarly is another JAMB CBT Practice Past Questions and Answers app designed to help students secure admissions to universities, polytechnics, and other tertiary institutions across Nigeria. This JAMB mobile app boldly boasts of a compilation of up to 15 years’ worth of JAMB past questions and answers, each accompanied by detailed explanations. 

In addition to practice questions, the app also provides other features including summaries of JAMB-recommended texts, a built-in calculator, CBT exams, and more. You can practice these questions as if you were taking the CBT exam and see your scores for each subject just like the UTME. 

While testing the Scholarly JAMB mobile app, a notable strength we observed was its offline functionality. This feature allows you to download questions and use them within the app without an internet connection, facilitating study sessions anywhere at any time.

However, having convenient access to these practice questions will only yield results if you study them consistently. If you’re not regularly practising these questions, you’re unlikely to see significant progress in your studies. Scholarly however does not have a daily study reminder feature so if you are preparing with this app, you will need to be disciplined. Activating the app costs 


  • 15 years’ worth of JAMB past questions and answers.
  • Summaries of literature recommended by JAMB.
  • Built-in calculator for convenient calculations.
  • CBT exam simulation.
  • Offline functionality allows question downloads for anytime, anywhere study.
  • Wide range of subjects covering the entire JAMB syllabus.
  • User-friendly interface for easy navigation and study.


  • Lack of Study Reminder: Without a daily study reminder feature, students must rely on their discipline to maintain a consistent study schedule.
  • Limited Gamified Elements: As the app lacks interactive or gamified elements, you need a high degree of self-motivation to engage regularly.
  • No Personalized Learning Experience: The app does not offer customized learning based on individual strengths and weaknesses.


Next on our list of best JAMB CBT apps is MySchool. The Myschool JAMB CBT practice mobile app for Android devices offers an extensive range of JAMB CBT questions from 1978 to 2022, complete with answers and explanations, all available offline. 

The app also provides video explanations to these questions, possible questions from JAMB novels, and the latest JAMB Brochure and Syllabus. During our test, we also noticed that just like Edubaloo, you can bookmark challenging questions to revisit them. However, it doesn’t have the daily study reminder feature and robust personalised study functionality you’ll find in Edubaloo.

To unlock the MySchool JAMB mobile app’s features, it requires a one-time payment of N1000, after which you’ll receive an activation code to access the full suite of resources. However, it’s important to note that even though the payment is one-time, you might need to make an additional payment to reactivate the app if you switch to a different phone.


  • Comprehensive question bank from 1978 to 2022
  • Video explanations
  • Offline accessibility
  • You can bookmark questions to revisit later 
  • Review all your past exam history and performance
  • Built-in calculator


  • While testing the app, we observed typographical errors in several questions and diagrams, as well as instances of missing questions.
  • Limited to Android devices
  • No daily study reminder feature
  • Some users have reported challenges with the app’s activation process, noting delays in response and the need to reactivate payment after switching devices.
  • Presence of ads within the app


TestDriller UTME is a JAMB CBT app that covers UTME past questions from the year 2000, accompanied by detailed explanations. Additionally, this JAMB app offers summaries of 22 JAMB-prescribed literature textbooks, potential questions from these texts, text-to-speech explanations, a built-in calculator, and a bookmark feature.

TestDriller also features an AI chat assistant powered by ChatGPT, allowing you to type in questions and receive responses like the regular ChatGPT. However, this feature has some limitations. Many questions and subjects often include diagrams, charts, symbols, and other visual elements. Unlike Edubaloo, the Testdriller chat assistant is unable to process images, so it is not able to provide tutoring for these questions. Additionally, the AI feature is not specifically trained for the JAMB UTME syllabus so they may not always be accurate or explanatory. This is another aspect where Edubaloo is better. All these features come at a N3000 activation fee.


  • It has a built-in calculator
  • You can bookmark questions
  • Offline access to questions 
  • Text-to-speech feature
  • Chat gpt powered chat feature


  • The maths symbols, geometry and statistics diagrams need improvements. 
  • Users have also noted that several questions in the app are answered incorrectly.
  • The app’s questions begin in the year 2020. If you’re looking for a more extensive collection that includes earlier years, you have to look elsewhere.
  • The AI chat feature of the app has a limitation can’t assist with questions that involve diagrams or charts.


Next on our list of best JAMB CBT apps is Flashlearners. FlashLearners Jamb app is free to Download. However, you need a one-time activation key payment of N2,000 to unlock all the features which is only available on one device. So if you have multiple phones and you’d like to practice on them or if you change your phone, you’ll have to make another payment to use the app on another phone.

You get access to the JAMB syllabus and you can bookmark any question you want to review later.  After each practice session, you can see your scores, the number of questions attempted, and time spent, among others. 


  • One-Time Payment of N2,000 to unlock all the app’s features
  • Access to JAMB Syllabus so you can focus your study on relevant topics.
  • Bookmarking Capability
  • Performance analytics after each practice session


  • The activation code is not transferable so it can’t be used on multiple phones. You can only use it on one mobile phone. Hence, you might end up paying multiple times. 
  • Limited personalised learning function.
  • No daily study reminders

Now which of these apps comes on top? Which is the best JAMB CBT app? Let’s find out!

Our Verdict- Which is the Best JAMB CBT App?

After thoroughly testing and reviewing these JAMB CBT apps, our verdict is in. While each app has its unique strengths and features, Edubaloo stands out as the overall best JAMB CBT app for 2024 UTME preparation. Its combination of comprehensive and up-to-date question databases, AI-powered personalized learning tools, offline accessibility, and versatile learning options make it an unparalleled resource for students.

Edubaloo’s user-friendly interface, coupled with innovative features like Snap Solver and Ask Baloo, offers students a dynamic and adaptive learning experience. The ability to practice under exam-like conditions with its CBT simulation and receive detailed performance analytics further cements its position as the top choice.

While other apps like Scholarly, Myschool, TestDriller, and Flashlearners each bring valuable features to the table, Edubaloo’s all-encompassing approach to UTME preparation, from topic-based study to engaging study reminders and social learning options, sets it apart.

Therefore, for students looking to maximize their preparation and score as high as 300 in UTME 2024, Edubaloo is the go-to and the best JAMB CBT app. 

Download Edubaloo Now

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