7 Reasons Why Students Fail Post UTME Exams And How To Avoid Them

7 Reasons Why Students Fail Post UTME Exams And How To Avoid Them

Your academic success in the upcoming post UTME exams is our priority at Exampulse hence the need to enlighten you on 7 costly mistakes students make in Post UTME. Imagine being a diligent student, a ‘readaholic’ and a very hardworking studentet; you take Post UTME and you do not score up to the pass mark. Such a disappointment right? The worst is when this failure is caused by little mistakes you could have avoided. Are you about to write a post UTME exam? This post is for you. It contains 7 mistakes that cause failure in post UTME.

7 Reasons Why Students Fail Post UTME Exams

1. You failed to Obey Instruction:

On every examination question paper, before the questions, you will definitely see the instructions for the exam. It was put there for a reason and the exam body is not to be blamed if you fail because you did something different from what you were asked to do. If you fail to obey instructions, you are obviously planning to fail the exam.

2. Overconfidence

As much as it is good to be confident and very prepared for the exam, overconfidence can spoil your shine. Don’t be prouder than Post UTME questions. At least till you see your result. Having a “ I’ve known it all feeling” will cause you to relent in preparation at some point. This is not a good thing. You can never be over-prepared for an exam.
It is very important that you make do with Post UTME past questions and answers. They are invariably the best preparation tool you can ever equip yourself with.

3. Lack of Time Management 

Typically, you will be given a certain number of questions and duration for the exam. This means you have limited time to answer all the questions which consequentially means you have limited time to spend on each question. Spending more time on a question that seems difficult will deprive you of time to answer other questions that you probably would be able to answer at first glance. If you have spent too much time on a question and weren’t able to answer some other questions, to obviously won’t get the mark for the unanswered questions and the school won’t understand that you know the answer but didn’t have enough time to get there.

4. Using a 2B pencil instead of HB pencil

 It is clearly stated in the answer sheet that you are to shade your answers with an HB pencil. This is because it is a computer that will mark your script and this computer recognizes only HB shaded areas. It does not have eyes to see which option you shaded. Many students have felt like they shaded the correct answers yet they failed woefully. This could be as a result of using the wrong pencil.

5. Incorrect Personal Details

In your answer booklet, there are boxes of letters where you are to shade your personal information like your name, jamb score, date of birth etc. If you shade ‘A’ where you meant to shade ‘B’ your score will be missing.

6. Examination Malpractices 

Imagine how proud of yourself you will be when you pass you post UTME exam all by yourself. If you are caught in any examination malpractice act, you should already know the repercussion will not be one you will like. Do not make the mistake of bringing any implicating material into examination hall.

7. Shading two answers for a question

As I said earlier, your answer script will be marked with a computer that has been programmed to mark just the correct shaded option. Unless stated otherwise, do not shade two answers. If you make a mistake, erase it completely. Failure to do this will make you lose mark as the computer will not mark it if you make this mistake.
Put all these in mind and make sure you do not make these mistakes!!
All the best in your exams!!!

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  • Ezeh chidera Reply

    Its really awesome cuz i learnt that most of my failures are from me

    May 21, 2022 at 8:36 AM

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