How to Pass the Coronation Insurance Aptitude Test

How to Pass the Coronation Insurance Aptitude Test

If you’re reading this, you’re likely about to take the Coronation Insurance job aptitude test. Congratulations! This is a huge step forward in your career journey, and we’re here to help you prepare for success. A job with coronation insurance is a highly coveted position. It offers you benefits, job satisfaction, and career growth potential, so it’s crucial that you do your best on the aptitude test.

The first step to passing any aptitude test is knowing what to expect. So in this article, we’ll give you an overview of what to expect on the coronation insurance aptitude test. We’ll also provide some tips and resources to help you prepare.

About Coronation Insurance Plc

Coronation Insurance plc. is a leading insurance company in West Africa that offers a wide range of products and services covering life, general, and special risk businesses. They were founded in 1958 and are licensed to underwrite all classes of insurance, including goods-in-transit, fire, special perils, all risk insurance, etc.

Over the past 50 years, Coronation Insurance has become a trusted name in risk management and underwriting, helping corporate entities and individuals with various classes of insurance coverage.

Coronation Insurance runs two business subsidiaries: Coronation Life Assurance Limited, based in Nigeria, and a regional operation in Ghana; Coronation Insurance (Ghana) Limited.

Coronation Insurance recently merged with Intercontinental Properties Limited to support the company’s current repositioning and restructuring efforts. This has significantly improved Coronation Insurance’s underwriting capacity, placing it among Nigeria’s top five insurance companies.

About the Coronation Insurance Graduate Trainee Program

The Coronation Insurance Graduate Trainee Program is designed for young graduates looking to start a career in the financial services industry. The program provides successful candidates with an opportunity to learn about all aspects of the business and build a foundation for a successful career at Coronation Insurance.

Eligibility Criteria

  • A Bachelor’s Degree (with a minimum of second-class upper division) in Engineering, Mathematics, Statistics, Computer Science, Marketing, Business Administration, or Actuarial Science is required.
  • Must be 26 years and below
  • The ideal candidate will have completed NYSC and received a discharge certificate.
  • Excellent interpersonal and team working skills
  • Readiness and willingness to learn
  • Ability to thrive in a fast-paced and dynamic environment
  • Can communicate effectively both verbally and in writing.
  • Microsoft office suite proficiency.

What is the Coronation Insurance Graduate Trainee Aptitude Test?

The Coronation Insurance job aptitude test recruitment process is highly competitive. Coronation Insurance has instituted an aptitude test for all job applicants to ensure they are hiring the best and brightest candidates.

The coronation insurance aptitude test is a computer-based assessment that measures a candidate’s ability to perform tasks that are relevant to the job they are applying for. Dragnet administers the aptitude test, covering Numerical/Quantitative Reasoning, Verbal Reasoning, and Abstract/Diagrammatic Reasoning questions. 

Candidates are given a set amount of time to complete each aptitude test section. The questions on the aptitude test range in difficulty, so it is essential to pace yourself and answer each question to the best of your ability.

What to Expect in Coronation Insurance Aptitude Test

Now that you know more about the coronation insurance aptitude test let’s look at what you can expect.

The Coronation Insurance aptitude test is divided into three sections: Quantitative/Numerical Reasoning, Verbal Reasoning, and Abstract Reasoning. 

  1. Numerical Reasoning: This section of the coronation insurance aptitude test assesses your ability to interpret and analyze numerical data. The questions in this section will require you to use basic math skills to solve problems. It covers concepts such as fractions, decimals, percentages, graphs, algebra, arithmetic, and geometry. For example, you may be asked to interpret a graph or table of data, calculate a percentage, or solve a basic algebraic equation.
  1. Verbal Reasoning: This Coronation Insurance aptitude test section measures your ability to read and understand written information. The questions in this section will require you to answer questions based on your interpretation of the text or find specific information in a short passage of text. You can also expect questions that test your grammar, vocabulary, and spelling knowledge.
  1. Abstract Reasoning: This section of the coronation insurance aptitude test assesses your ability to see relationships between concepts and solve problems by recognizing patterns. The questions in this section will require you to identify the missing piece in a series of images or to select the image that does not belong.

5 Tips to Prepare and Pass the Coronation Insurance Aptitude Test

Here are a few tips to help you ace the coronation insurance aptitude test:

1. Familiarize yourself with the structure of the test and the types of questions that will be asked. 

This will help you to know what to expect on the test and how to best prepare for it. The best way to know what to expect is through questions the company has asked previous candidates. You can find this in authentic Coronation Insurance Aptitude Test Past Questions.

2. Practice, practice, practice! 

Aptitude tests can be challenging, so it is important to prepare as much as possible. One common practice among job applicants is waiting until the dying minute before commencing their preparations. This is because many candidates wait until they receive an aptitude test invite before preparing. 

However, this isn’t the best practice because the invite often comes with as little as a day or two notice. This means you’ll have to rush your preparations and may not have enough time to cover all the topics, which could affect your performance on the test. The best way to avoid this is by preparing for the aptitude test in advance.

3. Simulate the test-taking conditions. 

This means taking practice tests under conditions similar to those you’ll experience in the actual test. Adhere strictly to the time and take the test in a quiet environment with no distractions. Doing this will help you pace yourself to complete the test on time. You’ll also significantly reduce the anxiety and stress of taking the test because you will have gotten used to the structure.

4. Do not spend too much time on any one question. 

The coronation insurance aptitude test has a time limit, so you will need to work quickly and efficiently. If you find yourself stuck on a question, move on and return to it later. Chances are, the answer will come to you when you’ve had a chance to look at the other questions.

5. Review your work before submitting it.

This can not be overemphasized. Once you complete the test, take a few minutes to review your answers. This will help you to catch any mistakes you may have made and to ensure that you’ve answered all the questions.

Now you have all the information you need to ace the coronation insurance aptitude test. Just remember that the trick to doing well on the test is to familiarize yourself with the structure of the test and to do plenty of practice. So practice as much Coronation Insurance Aptitude Test Past Questions and Answers as you can, and you’ll be on your way to getting that desired job.

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