How to Pass the SellyFak Energy Graduate Trainee Program Aptitude Test (Alan & Grant)

How to Pass the SellyFak Energy Graduate Trainee Program Aptitude Test (Alan & Grant)

How can I pass the SellyFak Energy Aptitude test? –   This question has been on the minds of many individuals interested in joining the company’s graduate trainee program. The SellyFak Energy Aptitude Test is not a difficult exam if the right amount of time and effort is devoted to preparing for it.  

Alan & Grant is the recruitment firm handling the recruitment process for SellyFak Energy, so the first step to passing is knowing how Alan & Grant tests are structured and what to expect. So, if you just received an invite to take the SellyFak Energy aptitude test or are preparing to take one in the future, we have compiled all the information you need to know in this write-up.

About SellyFak Energy 

SallyFak is an indigenous company that has been in existence since 1989. Its primary goal is to deliver premium engineering solutions in the Oil and Gas industry. Their culture is centred around integrity, performance, and Agility in response to new challenges and opportunities.

SellFak Energy offers cutting-edge services within the Oil and Gas Industry. These include

Engineering solutions

This entails Corrosion and Anti-corrosion services, Mechanical /Structural Fabrication, Tank Erection and Fabrication, and Pipeline/Flow line Construction.

ROV/Subsea services: 

The subsea Services are Diving/ROV Operations, ROV Tools & Accessories, Diving Equipment, Inspection, Repair, and Maintenance (IRM)

Leasing services

This entails Equipment leasing, i.e., Compressors, Welding machines, Blast Pot, etc., Marine Equipment, Vessel, i.e., OSV/PSV, AHTS, etc.

Procurement services

This involves OCTG, Carbon Steel/Seamless Line Pipes & Drilling Equipment, Rotating Equipment (Pumps and Compressors), Instrumentation & Flow Control Products, Pipe Fittings, Stud Bolts & Flanges Valves, and Technical and Oil Tools.

Who are those Qualified to Apply for SellyFak Energy Graduate Trainee Aptitude Test?

The SellFak Energy Graduate Trainee Trainee program targets recently graduated students nationwide. B.Sc. Graduates from the Engineering discipline, Economics, Finance, Marketing, Business Administration, and Human Resources are to apply for the Graduate Trainee Programme.

Aptitude Test Areas of Concentration

The entry-level SellyFak Energy Graduate trainee test comprises areas meant to test the mental alertness of recent graduates. Graduates must prepare around areas that test their soft skills, proficiency, and capabilities.

Some of the areas of concentration include;

Quantitative Reasoning

It is sometimes called numerical reasoning by candidates. This test measures the basic mathematics knowledge of candidates sitting for this Aptitude test. Candidates are presented with real-life settings and the application of mathematical concepts in solving day-to-day activities. Some other sub-areas needed that might help candidates prepare for this Graduate Trainee Aptitude test includes; arithmetic, algebra, geometry, and data analysis.

Verbal Reasoning

Essential communication and understanding of everyday use of language are paramount for all Candidates sitting for this Aptitude Test. Verbal reasoning assesses candidates’ ability to understand and comprehend written passages. During the SellyFak Energy Graduate Trainee Program Aptitude Test, graduates are tested on how they know verbal communication through the use of English.


As standard as it is nowadays, most candidates find it difficult to understand logical questions. So, if you want to excel in the SellyFak Aptitude Test, you must be able to deduce logic questions. Logic questions measure your ability to measure non-verbal skills. It tests your ability to arrive at possible solutions from analogies and structures.

13 Tips to Pass the SellyFak Energy Graduate Trainee Program Aptitude Test (Alan & Grant)

1. Define your study strategy

What study strategy have you been using lately? Many candidates mix up the difference between reading and studying. So, if you have been reading for this examination, you must start studying smart and reading and re-reading your guide and textbooks are not enough if you want to ace the SellFak Graduate Trainee Program Aptitude test. If you have been failing in defining the right strategies, these are strategies that can help you kick start before the test.

  • Create a study guide before the tests; this can comprise questions and answers from likely exam questions, quizzes, and topic-based questions.
  • Formulate and Use maps and acronyms to remember logic concepts and numerical equations.
  • Do not memorise worked numerical solutions, but understand the reason and steps to solving all equations.
  • Have a master checklist to guide you through other areas that need attention
  • Endeavour to ask questions to individuals of sound educational backgrounds.

2. Get the right practice guide.

Have you been studying with random materials? Passing the SellyFak Energy Graduate Trainee Aptitude test needs the right practice guide. This guide comprises all Sellyfak Energy practice questions from previous examinations in this Graduate Trainee Program. 

These past questions and answers will walk you through the critical areas needed to pass the test. It will also prepare you by familiarising yourself with the format and style of the questions while helping you prepare within the shortest time frame.

3. Understand the question format

In the previous subsection, we discussed the areas of concentration. But for all candidates who need further understanding in these areas, we recommend studying these areas in depth. Questions can come in different approaches. A deep understanding of the question format will prevent surprises on the test day. It will also prepare your mind and eliminate any course of panic before and during the test.

4. Focus on your weakest areas

For graduates writing the SallyFak Aptitude test for the first time, we understand what this might present to you. The SallyFak Aptitude test comes from different applied questions that need thorough understanding. 

Candidates are advised to highlight the areas that need attention during the revision process and focus their time and attention on them. For topics that need more clarification, you can do a repeat of answering more practice questions to understand the concept.

5. Conduct more practice tests beforehand

As mentioned earlier, taking practice tests can go a long way in preparing you before the test. If your goal is to study only subject areas before attempting the SallyFak Aptitude live Test, there is every chance that your score might be between the average line. 

Taking multiple practice tests can help you gain a massive understanding of all examination concepts. It can help you track your daily improvements and work on areas of lapses.

6. Remove all forms of distraction while studying and before taking the test.

Distractions can include anxiety, rumbling stomach, noise, stress, and even friends. These distractions might be little treats, but they can limit your chances of scoring high on the SallyFak Aptitude tests. While studying, sit in a comfortable and quiet space where you can focus. If needed, study with music that will help calm you down but not put you to sleep. Also, get a good night’s sleep before the test day.

7. Do not wait until the last minute to start preparing for the test. 

Start preparing as soon as you know the date of the test. This will give you enough time to go through all the topics and understand them well. You should also create a revision schedule leading up to the test so that you can revise all the topics properly.

8. Be cautious of your time of arrival before the test.

If you are taking the test physically, lateness to the test venue can be a lot of distraction to yourself and others. For individuals who have problems manoeuvring their way to the test venue, it is advisable to do detailed verification in the fastest possible access route to the test venue. If you can’t assess the test venue quickly, you should seek assistance hours before the examination date.

9. Follow all Examination Instructional guides meticulously.

The SallyFak Aptitude Examination Instructional guide starts from your letter of invitation to sit for the examination. On your letter of invitation, you will have access to your examination venue (either online or offline), the time of the test, and other instructions needed for this test. 

We always advise candidates to adhere to these instructions. You can call their helpline and ask for guidance in areas that need further clarification. 

10. Payless time on difficult questions

The SallyFak Aptitude Aptitude test measures your speed and response to answering questions. You will be required to attempt all questions in less than 30 minutes. But remember that less time can be given to you depending on the number of questions. So, when answering questions, you should spend less time on questions that seem complicated because there is no negative mark for answers that are not correct. 

11. Read all questions carefully.

Apart from paying attention to details in your instructional materials, you should read and understand all questions. Avoid skimming through questions, for this can cause neglect of essential points. 

Some questions might require a second thought and a more precise understanding before choosing the right option. You might need to provide more than two answers in some areas. So, a careful approach is required for this test.

12. Create time to re-visit skipped questions

This applies to all examinations. But for cases in which you have sufficient time at your disposal, it is essential to re-visit skipped questions. Often, when re-visited, you might see a better approach to answering them, which can increase your mark. 

13. Ask questions on areas that need attention.

We all have seen instances where clarifications are done, even at the examination venue. There might be questions that are unclear or areas that need more clarification. Candidates are allowed to flag such areas for immediate response and clarification. It can help you avoid mistakes and give you a better idea of how to answer the questions.

In conclusion, preparing for the SallyFak Energy Graduate Programme Aptitude test is a no-brainer. You can ace the forthcoming aptitude test examination if you prepare ahead with authentic SellyFak Energy past questions and answers.

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