How To Pass Professional Learning Indicator (PLI) Assessment Test

pass pli assessment test

How To Pass Professional Learning Indicator (PLI) Assessment Test

How to pass PLI Assessment Tests is a question every job-seeker looking to work in companies like Nestle, IKEA, Ecobank Transnational Incorporated, Microsoft, DONG Energy, Maersk, Dell, AcuSport, to mention but a few will find themselves asking. I have previously written on WorkforceDragnet, KenexaKPMG tests e.t.c As one who has gone through this test and succeeded, I am here to tell you what you need to know to succeed in your PLI test. Follow me carefully.


About Professional Learning Indicator Assessment Test

PLI, Professional Learning Indicator is a test given to intending employees to test skills, qualities, and abilities that are not included in a cv or resume. This test is given based on the assumption that resume and CV can only indicate 33% of candidates’ ability. The aim of this test is to test candidates’ cognitive ability, reasoning, ability to adapt and learn at a new workplace. Passing this test means you possess qualities that the company is looking for in whoever they want to employ.


PLI Assessment Test Format

The test is usually 50 questions and you have just 12 minutes to answer them. This means you have about 14 seconds to spend on each question. The test is divided into 3 categories and each has subcategories.


1.  Verbal Reasoning

This category basically tests your ability to make logical deductions from a verbal information. It is subdivided into vocabulary, analogies and formal logic.

Vocabulary: here, your grammatical skill will be tested. You’ll have ‘antonyms’, where you are to choose the option that is opposite in meaning to the word given and ‘synonyms’ where you are required to choose the option that is nearest in meaning to the word given.

Formal Logic: Here you’ll be given 2 or sometimes 3 assumptions and a conclusion. You’ll be required to decide whether the conclusion given is correct with respect to the assumptions given. You have options ‘incorrect’, ‘correct’ and ‘can not say’. The aim of this test is to give the company information about your logical reasoning and deductive abilities.

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2. Numerical Reasoning

This is subdivided into three;  Number series & math and word problems

In Number Series, you will be given a set of numbers in a sequence you are to figure out the connection between the numbers you’re given and choose correctly the number that comes next. This gives the company an idea of your ability to reason logically with numbers.

In Math Problem you’ll be asked to decide which number is the lowest in series from a given series of fraction or number. This gives the company information about your general numerical knowledge.

Word problem questions test your numerical skill as well as how good you are at reading comprehension. In these tests, you’ll be required to solve some mathematical problems from short texts.

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3. Non-Verbal Reasoning

This category is subdivided into 3;  Spatial Awareness, Logical Reasoning, Inductive Reasoning

Spatial Awareness questions you’ll be given 2 diagrams that are similar in some ways. You’ll then be given 4 options as possible answers from which you figure out which diagram doesn’t have the same thing in common as the first 2 diagrams.

Logical Reasoning: here you be given a first image that goes through certain changes, a second image that supposedly underwent the same change. You are then required to choose from the options the correct image that went through the same changes as the first image.

Inductive Reasoning: here you’ll be given a set of figures from which you figure out a pattern and pick out the figure that is missing. You will be required to think methodologically and logically to be able to figure of these patterns.

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How To Pass PLI Assessment Tests

Just like every other aptitude test you need a lot of practice, speed, and accuracy in order to do well in this test. Remember that you have 50 questions to answer in 12 minutes, so you need to work fast and smart. Practising is very important if you want to pass PLI test. The more you practise, the more familiar you become with the test format. Practise as many questions as possible and you’ll see that your performance will get better. It’s important that you go into the assessment center with confidence and this will come easily if you’ve done enough practice. We have PLI test past questions and answers for you to practise with.

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