5 Things You Need to Know to Pass the Sterling Bank Management Development Program 2022

5 Things You Need to Know to Pass the Sterling Bank Management Development Program 2022

As a management trainee in Sterling Bank, you’ll enjoy full exposure to the financial industry, Paid Holidays / Vacation, Paid Sick Leave, Flex-Time / Flexible Schedule, Education/Training, and life insurance. Therefore, it’s no surprise that this is a highly coveted role. As we progress in this article, we will reveal all required to apply for this program and how you can successfully ace the recruitment process. About the Sterling Bank Management Development Program 2022

The sterling Bank Management Development Program is geared toward nurturing young talented individuals to become future leaders who can support and contribute mainly to the financial sector. In this 12-month rotational program, trainees will gain insight into the skills required to be employed in Sterling Bank as full-time staff successfully.

Who can apply for this Programme? 

The eligibility criteria for the program are as follows:

  1. This program is open to graduates with up to 3 years of experience.
  2. Applicant must not be more than 32 years of age as of the time of this application.
  3. Applicants must have completed the one-year mandatory NYSC.
  4. A minimum master’s degree from an accredited university within or outside Nigeria or a member of a professional body.

The Recruitment Process of Sterling Bank Management Development Program 2022

The Sterling Bank Management Development Program recruitment process follows a similar trend to most financial institutions in Nigeria. As outlined previously, this recruitment process will test candidates on their soft skills and some of their hard skills, depending on your qualifications.

The Sterling Bank Management Development Program involves three different stages. These include:

Computer Base Test

The computer-based test is the first stage of the Sterling Bank recruitment process. This test will evaluate candidates’ soft skills and ability to think through different logical questions. To ace through this stage, you will need a very logical and structured approach to solving problems and completing tasks. 

The test will be an online computer-based test (Candidates can sit for the examination from anywhere with access to an internet connection). You will be required to answer 20 questions within 20 minutes (This is subject to change according to the discretion of the Sterling Bank body conducting this test). Some areas of this aptitude test that you will encounter that day include:

  • Verbal Reasoning: This area of aptitude test will test candidates on their approach to how they understand framed words, either through the use of vocabulary or comprehension passages. Some aspects of verbal reasoning that can be helpful to you while preparing for this forthcoming aptitude test include; Spotting letter sequences, Finding a letter to complete a sentence or group of words, and Spotting words within words.
  • Numerical Reasoning: This aptitude test section will evaluate candidates on their ability to interpret data. Areas candidates are advised to be familiar with include; Commercial Mathematics, Algebra, sign operations, and shapes.
  • Basic Knowledge: This part will test your basic knowledge of things around you. Questions drawn from this aspect do not need any particular skills or reasoning. All you need to do is provide the questions with the correct answer.
  • Logical Reasoning: Logical reasoning is fundamental to the Sterling Bank Management Development Program aptitude test. In this part, candidates will be presented with questions and scenarios and expected to conclude, make predictions, or even construct explanations. Some areas of logical reasoning you can expect questions from are deductive, inductive, and abductive reasoning.

Assessment Centre

The assessment center is the second stage of the Sterling Bank Management Development Program recruitment process. The assessment center takes a different mode and procedure. It is pretty different from the Aptitude test. Upon completing the Aptitude test, candidates will be invited to participate in the assessment center. 

Candidates are to prepare for a presentation test. This presentation test will either be in groups or individually. This test will test your presentation skill on the different subject topics. Candidates should be familiar with using Microsoft office (MS word, MS Excel, and Powerpoint). It will last for between 5 – 20minutes.

Management Interview

The management interview is the last stage of the Sterling Bank Management Development Program recruitment process. Only successful candidates in the second stage will be invited to this stage. You will chat one-on-one with management staff representing Sterling Bank of Nigeria. Questions about your skills and experience will be asked that day of the chat. You will be required to provide answers for your evaluation.

5 Things to Know Before Sitting for the Recruitment Process

1. A Competitive Test

The Sterling Bank Management graduate trainee test is competitive. From statistics gathered, less than 3% make it up to the last stage of the assessment. Although, this is not to create fear in you but to alert you to the competitive nature of the recruitment process. We advise all invitees to take the Sterling Bank Management Development Program recruitment process seriously. Only merited candidates will be given a place to join the management team.

2. Use the Sterling Bank Management Development Program past questions and answers

Over the years, there has been a massive failure of candidates who sat for the aptitude test. Information gathered recorded that less than 5% made it through the first stage. The aptitude test is a vital stage in the recruitment process. According to information gathered from previous test takers, lack of confidence and anxiety due to not knowing what to expect in the test contributes more to many applicants’ failures than the level of brilliance.

Therefore, it’s important you know what to expect that day to build your confidence. Practising with authentic Sterling Bank Management Development Programm past questions and answers solves this problem. You’ll know the exact kind of questions and can take the test confidently. The icing on the cake is the examination body often repeats past questions and you’ll be able to practice these questions beforehand.

3. Take Instruction seriously

The ability to take instructions is one aspect that can set you apart from other candidates on the test day. As a prospective graduate trainee, it is required of you to be able to understand instructions and interpret them.

4. Have a strong Internet Connection

A strong internet connection is mandatory for the aptitude test if you want to score high. Candidates are to test for network strength days before the test to ensure they have the recommended network to sit for the online examination. As a backup in case of any eventuality of poor network, candidates can have a secondary internet before that day.

5. Be Cautious of the Time for the Assessment

Timing is a severe factor for each stage of the recruitment process. Candidates must remember that much time will not be at their disposal during the Aptitude test and assessment day. You are to work within the time that will be given on that day. You can start working on your speed and accuracy before the test.

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What Can I Expect From a Bank Aptitude Test?

The Sterling Bank aptitude test evaluates candidates on their soft skills. You can expect questions from numerical reasoning, abstract reasoning, verbal reasoning, and situational judgment. 

What is an example of an Aptitude Test?

An example of an aptitude test can be seen in the Sterling Bank Management Development Program aptitude test past questions and answers. This aptitude test is fashioned for graduates to enable candidates easily pass the test.

What is the Level of Maths in Bank Exams?

Maths is generally a pre-requisite if you want to work in the banking sector. So, you should be expecting numerical questions in the aptitude test.

Finally, this article has extensively touched on all areas you need to know before the test, from applying to the Sterling Bank Management Program to preparing for the aptitude test. But, one aspect that brings to mind for all graduates is how well you are ready to ace this test. On that note, the Sterling Bank Management Program’s past questions and answers can be your lifesaver before the test. These past questions and answers can help you cut the unnecessary areas you have been reading for the test and help you know the test pattern

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