How To Pass TalentQ Assessment Test Easily


How To Pass TalentQ Assessment Test Easily

Before we get into how to pass TalentQ assessment it is important to know what TalentQ is.

Talent Q is a multinational organization that publishes psychometric assessments for many companies across the globe. As a job seeker, chances are that you would take this test at some point. Talent Q, established in 2006 was founded by Roger Holdsworth who is also a co-founder of SHL. Talent Q Aptitude test are used by companies to examine the reasoning and analytical abilities of prospective employees. Their products are available in more than 40 languages

Talent Q psychometric tests are held in high esteem by employers and clients include Astra Zeneca, BT, Carlsberg, Citi, RBS, Royal Mail and Volkswagen.


The Format of TalentQ Aptitude Test

The format of the test depends on the Product you are to do. Talent Q products include Talent q Element, Talent Q Aspect and Abilities, Talent Q Dimensional.

A difference between TalentQ Tests and other Jobs Aptitude test is that TalentQ tests are adaptable. This means the difficulty of your next question depends on how you answer the current question. If you get the current question wrong, the question that follows would be less difficult; if you get the current question right, the next question will be more difficult.


TalentQ Elements

TalentQ Elements comprises of 3 tests; element numerical, element verbal and element logical reasoning test. You may have to do two or all of these tests depending on the job position you’re applying for. The aim of this test is to assess candidates comprehension, logical and numerical abilities. Read more about TalentQ Elements


TalentQ Aspect Ability

TalentQ Aspect Ability test is divided into 3; Aspect ability numeral, aspect ability verbal and aspect ability checking. This test is used to assess candidates ability and potential in the role of customer service, customer representation and sales. Examples of the profession in which aspect ability test can be used include, hospitality, call centres, manufacturing, emergency service, etc.


TalentQ Dimension

This is more like a personality test, you’ll be given 25 minutes to complete a 160 workplace behavioural trend statements questionnaire online.  it evaluates how an individual behaviour across a wide variety of fields which may include ‘tasks and project’, ‘ relationships and people’, ’emotions and drives’, etc. An individual’s preference and style of behaviour at a workplace would be measured in this test. usually, the duration of this test is 5 minutes.  would behave at a workplace. The question may come in a format in which a statement like ‘with respect to your behaviour at work, how true is this statement?’ would be given to you. You will be required to rate 4 different statements that you’ll be given on a 5-option scale and you should answer truthfully.

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