How to Pass the Total Energies Graduate Recruitment Aptitude Test?

How to Pass the Total Energies Graduate Recruitment Aptitude Test?

Are you among the lucky ones invited to participate in the Total Energies Graduate Recruitment aptitude test? Working with Total Energies can be a game changer in your career. You can enjoy outstanding benefits like; professional and personal development, the opportunity to embark on a new phase of your career, world-class training, bonuses, employee shareholding, retirement, and social protection. In this article, we will unveil all you need to know about the aptitude test and how you could prepare for the stages ahead.  

About Total Energies

Total Energies is one of the world’s largest oil and gas producers. It is a French company and is present in more than 130 countries around the world. Total Energies has one of the largest workforces in the world. About 101,000 professionals work for Total Energies spanning different fields of life. 

About the Total Energies Graduate Recruitment Program? 

Every year Total Energies recruits more than 450 young graduates across Africa. More than 30 African countries have benefitted from this program. Close to 80% of young graduates who have completed this program have found a job in Total Energies. 

Every year, job positions are opened for young graduates in different fields. This include; engineering, social science, art, and even pure science. Candidates should have the right skills for these positions before applying for any job openings for Total Energies.

The Recruitment Process

The Total Energies Graduate Recruitment process is rigorous. The process involves a specific selection criterion with a series of stages. The stages include:

Online CV Submission

All those who met the Total Energies Graduate Program criteria are to submit an online application to the appropriate job portal. It is the only way you can stand a chance of being shortlisted for the aptitude test.

Online Reasoning Test

The online reasoning test is only for candidates invited to participate in the Total Energies Graduate Recruitment aptitude test. The online reasoning test will test your soft skills and your mental reasoning ability. The key areas you will be tested on are;

  • Numerical reasoning: This entails your ability to think through arithmetic problems. Some mathematical topics that you can be tested on include business scenarios, basic mathematics, and engineering mathematics.
  • Verbal reasoning: This reasoning will test your ability to understand a given passage and how to pull out information about it. In this section, candidates will answer questions on lexical and structural meaning, summary, and synonyms.
  • Logical Reasoning: The Total Energies Graduate Recruitment aptitude test comes with a section dedicated to logical reasoning. This test will evaluate your analytical thinking skills. This section will test candidates on how they can deduce different patterns and shape sequences through logical reasoning. 
  • Situational Judgement test: This assessment will evaluate how you deal with different scenarios in the workplace. Your response to these various questions will help the examiner assess your strength and weakness as an employee.
  • Diagrammatic Reasoning: This test will require you to apply deductive knowledge to deduce different shapes and structural patterns. In each test, you’ll need to evaluate sequential rules.  

Technical Assessment

The technical assessment will be a practical assessment to evaluate specific areas of the candidate’s hard skills. Candidates will need to demonstrate relevant skills in line with the job positions they applied for. Candidates will be communicated on the date of the assessment. 

Video/Phone Interview

This will be your first one-on-one interview with an HR representative. This interview will either be an audio or a video interview. It is meant to learn about your profile and experience.

Meeting with the Hiring Manager

Meeting with the hiring manager of Total Energies will give you a picture of your responsibilities job at Total Energies. You will be exposed to your role by the Hiring Manager and the core skills needed for you to execute your job.

Offer of Employment

Haven gotten to this stage implies that there is mutual consent between you and Total Energies. At this stage, you will be given an offer letter.

6 Tips to Know on How to Pass the Total Energies Graduate Recruitment Aptitude Test

Before embarking on the first stage of the Total Energies  Graduate Recruitment process, here are some tips that can be helpful

1. A Rigorous Recruitment Process for Only the Best

Being shortlisted for the Total Energies Graduate Recruitment process signifies you are one of the best. Only individuals who have the right qualifications can participate in this exercise. 

Due to the competitive nature of these positions, the recruitment process will be rigorous. Candidates should prepare with the right mindset and be confident during recruitment.

2. Follow All Instructions Before Taking the Aptitude Test

Taking instructions is vital if you want to be among the successful ones to participate in this graduate trainee program. Before taking the online aptitude test, you should ensure you login into the test portal with a Desktop or a laptop. It is advisable you don’t take the test with a mobile phone as it might cause a break in network strength through interruption of phone calls.

3. Study With the Use of Past Questions and Answers

One way to increase your chances of sailing through the recruitment process is by using a verified Total Energies Graduate Recruitment aptitude past questions and answers. The past questions and answers will give you a feel of the test, help you work on your speed, and expose you to likely questions you will see that day.

4. Be Cautious of Your Time

The Total Energies Graduate Recruitment process follows strict timing for each stage. Candidates shortlisted for the test should pay attention to the time allocated for each step. You will be required to work in line with the time given on the day of the aptitude tests and other subsequent assessments. 

5. Have the Best Internet Connection

For the online aptitude test, a strong internet connection is needed for this exercise. Candidates should ensure a strong internet connection before the test to avoid interruption on the test day. Candidates can also have a backup internet to carter for any eventualities of failed internet services on the day of the test.

6. Practice Regularly

One of the ways you can be familiar with the Total Energies Graduate Recruitment Aptitude Test is by having a regular practice routine before the test. You can use past Total Energies’ questions and answers as well as other job aptitude test study aids

Frequently Asked Questions on How to Pass the Total Energies Aptitude Test?

How Can I Pass an Aptitude Test Easily?

Practicing with past questions and answers should be the first approach if you want to pass any aptitude test easily. As seen in many aptitude tests, including the Total Energies Graduate Recruitment aptitude test, these past questions are designed to guide you on the right areas to channel your strength to while preparing for an aptitude test.

What is the Passing Score for Aptitude Tests? 

The passing score for any job aptitude test depends on the recruitment manager or organization conducting the aptitude test. In some aptitude tests, the pass mark is derived according to the performance of the candidates. But candidates must ensure they score high to avoid being below the pass mark.

Why Do I Keep Failing an Aptitude Test?

The most common reason is lack of preparation. Candidates should spend days to weeks preparing for any aptitude test if they want to score high. Study guides with the right past questions and answers can help you study better and give you what you truly deserve after the test. 

To sum up, all you have read in this article are all you have to know to excel in the Total Energies Graduate Recruitment aptitude test. Preparing for the 2022 Total Energies graduate trainee program with these strategies will help you take the aptitude test with great accuracy and confidence. Also, one secret that has proven helpful for candidates is using past Total Energies Graduate Recruitment questions and answers. These past questions and answers will help you have meaningful insight into the test and build your confidence level before the test.

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