How To Go About GetQualified Assessment For Job Recruitments

GetQualified Assessment For Job Recruitments

How To Go About GetQualified Assessment For Job Recruitments

Getqualified is now administering a number of job tests for Nigerian companies, a good example is Wema Bank Aptitude Test. Their test structure is strictly digital, which makes it quite difficult for some candidates to understand how it works.

At Exampulse, we have regards for your aptitude tests, so based on experience, listed below are some points to take note when taking getqualified assessment.


Going About GetQualified Practice Assessment Test

  1. Contrary to popular belief, you do not necessarily need a laptop and webcam to complete the application. You can use any mobile device with a good front camera.
  2. The front camera is needed for the getqualified HR to monitor your activities while taking the test.
  3. You have to register on Getqualified website. After which you will correctly fill your profile details, upload a clear passport photograph (preferably white background), then you can proceed to the test.
  4. You can use google chrome to take the test. Do not use opera. The platform will test your phone to make sure it has all the minimum requirements for the test and prompt you if otherwise.
  5. After taking the test, you are to upload a video of like 3 minutes in which you are expected to introduce yourself, share an experience when you faced and overcame a challenge, give an instance of your favorite work environment and how you react to pressure.
  6. Try to compress the video before uploading. You can download Videocompress app or use online video compressor platforms.
  7. Proceed to upload the video on the platform.
  8. That should be all. The processes are well explanatory.


NOTE: Do not take this as a substitute for any recent procedure from any trusted party. They might change their pattern at any point in time.

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