Use Past JAMB Questions and Answers For Good Results

Use Past JAMB Questions and Answers For Good Results

Many candidates sit for JAMB (Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board) in Nigeria every year. To get good marks through this Nigerian tertiary admissions examination board and gain entrance into better colleges, students must prepare well. After understanding the concepts, it is best to improve the speed of test completion by practising based on question papers from previous years.  Fortunately for students, there is an option for PDF download for JAMB past questions and answers.

Know About JAMB Exam

Use of Computer-Based Testing

In today’s times, JAMB is rolled out through Computer-Based Testing, which is also termed e-assessment. It shows how replies to questions are recorded and assessed through electronic technology. Examiners use various IT procedures or equipment to assess, including software, Internet, networking, and computers. JAMB past questions and answers PDF download is vital to gain familiarity with the questions. 

Candidates use PCs for sitting in a testing hall for the exam. During the pandemic, many students had to give the exams from their homes. JAMB uses CBT for UTME (Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination).

Types of CBT

There are two types of CBT in Nigeria- adaptive and linear. The computer chooses the questions by the student’s performance levels in the adaptive type. It allows different test takers to write answers to different questions within the same hall. Contrary to this, the linear method puts out a full-length examination with questions randomly selected from different performance levels by the computer. It is scored in the same manner as the PBT (Paper Based Test).

The CBT technique is arguably more significant and beneficial than PBT because it can measure diverse sets of knowledge or skills to provide new and improved information about a candidate’s ability. Furthermore, CBT results are received by institutions faster than PBT results, allowing quicker admission or promotion decisions. Parents ought to pay close attention to their children’s preparedness, which they can ensure by making their children look at earlier question papers.

Is JAMB Difficult to Clear?

Methodical preparation will ensure that JAMB is not difficult to pass. All that is expected of candidates is reading the JAMB-recommended examination syllabus and materials. The PDF will ensure that they’re not surprised by the question paper.

Teachers know that UTME assesses students’ ability to get admission to various institutions of higher learning across Nigeria. CBT was fully implemented by JAMB in UTME in 2015/2016. Prior to this, CBT was optional for those sitting for the UTME.

Benefits of Using Past JAMB Questions and Answers

  1. Helps in determining the length of the exam
  2. They say that practise makes you perfect
  3. Know the typical number of questions
  4. Determine the amount of choices available
  5. Assists in calculating the amount of time required for each question
  6. Recognizes exam question types (short-answer, multiple-choice, or essays)
  7. Aids in exam technique preparation
  8. Assists in identifying significant subject areas to focus on for revision

Helps Observe the Pattern

Faring well at school does not depend only on hard work but also on intelligence. While some questions are repeated every year, others are entirely new. The mixture visible on the past question paper helps understand the patterns. Solving questions across various patterns helps gain confidence for the actual paper.


Students can obtain a better notion of what to prepare for and which parts of the exam are more significant than others by working on past exam papers. As they say, experience is the best teacher. allows students to look for past JAMB question papers and answers. Make the change you require in your JAMB results by studying with past question papers.

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