How to Pass the Seplat Energy Job Aptitude Test in 10 Easy Steps

How to Pass the Seplat Energy Job Aptitude Test in 10 Easy Steps

Have you been looking for how to pass the Seplat Energy Graduate Trainee aptitude test? Asides the juicy pay, a job at Seplat Energy also offers different employee benefits and career growth. Hence, the competition to get employed is always high. This is why they use the aptitude test to screen out thousands of applicants. Therefore, you should not just pass the aptitude test, but also stand out from other applicants and get noticed. How do you achieve this? We’ve highlighted 10 proven strategies that will help you pass the Seplat aptitude test and get noticed. Let’s get started.

About Seplat Energy.

Seplat is one of Nigeria’s leading Energy companies. Its existence can be traced to 2009, when it was first partnered by Shebah Petroleum Development Company Limited and Platform Petroleum Joint Ventures Limited.

Seplat is committed to the sustainability of its Manpower by employing capable hands in various fields. Seplat has developed its potential to build a world-class energy company through its evolving nature over the years.

About the Seplat Energy Graduate Trainee Aptitude Test

The Seplat Energy Graduate Trainee aptitude test is the first stage of the recruitment process. But candidates can proceed to the next step upon successfully completing the aptitude test. But in this article, we will stick close to the aptitude test and how you can prepare better for the test.

This aptitude test is for young graduates who want to develop their skills in the Energy and Technology sector of the company. Candidates should expect the following areas in the Seplat Energy Graduate aptitude test.

Verbal Reasoning

This section will test a candidate’s ability to deduce and understand framed words. In most instances, candidates will be given a comprehension and expected to provide answers to the different questions asked about the comprehension passage. Applicants are also to watch out for spellings of words, grammatical usage, analogies, and the ability to use detailed information in this section.

Numerical Reasoning

Candidates should be prepared to put their mathematical skills to the test in this section. This section is purely an arithmetic approach to deducing your answers. Candidates should know operation signs like addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Also, questions can be in the form of word problems.

Logical Reasoning

Using logical reasoning to deduce answers is now widespread in aptitude tests. In this section, candidates will be required to interpret information. You will be presented with different shapes and be required to find patterns and rules to help you pick the correct answer. Candidates are to expect a series of questions from this section.

Abstract Reasoning

This section will put candidates to the test in inductive logic. It has to do with how you can recognize patterns, analyze data, and form connections. Also, you will be presented with a series of ways and be made to supply the subsequent designs or answers.

How to Pass the Seplat Energy Graduate Trainee Aptitude Test in 10 Steps

1. Understand all Areas of the Test

Candidates must understand all sections of this test to avoid taking up any random study guide. For first-time sitters, this should be your first goal. You can study each section individually and understand how to answer questions before the test day.

2. Get a Study Guide

Aptitude Study Guides are designed to help candidates prepare better before the test. Most guides indicate what you should learn and how to practice before the test. One aspect of this guide that candidates can effectively utilize before the test is in the area of past questions and answers. Using the Seplat Past Questions and Answers as a study guide will help you sharpen your skills, prepare you psychologically, enhance your time management skills, and help you mark out your weak areas.

3. Practice Daily to Gain Mastery

Practising daily puts you on balance while preparing for the Seplat aptitude test. If you are not too familiar with writing an aptitude test, you must put it on your daily schedule before the Test. It will enhance your mastery skills over repeated study and help you understand the examination question style.

4. Read Instruction Carefully

We understand the haste and rush that every examination can bring during a test. And this has made most candidates neglect the instructions before starting the test. Instructions are to guide candidates before the test, help you manage your time, and avoid all forms of misunderstanding during the test. So, we advise candidates to read the instructions 2 to 3 minutes before starting.

5. Time Management is Key

No matter how intelligent you may be, time management is vital in your preparation process. Keep in mind that the Seplat test is not time friendly. You will have limited time, usually less than an hour, to answer more than 50 questions in most cases. Some effective ways by which you can effectively manage your time involve; skimming through the paper before the test, answering the easy questions first, and always keeping your eye on the clock.

6. Minimize Distractions

Distractions are part of the human daily life. When preparing for an aptitude test, sometimes you can get carried away by all forms of distraction, limiting you from concentrating. It can be a considerable challenge, mainly when you have limited time for preparation.

So, to avert or reduce distractions during preparation, you should; seclude yourself from crowds or environments of distraction, develop a routine or timetable that can help you prepare before the test, and take frequent breaks to help you assimilate.

7. Focus on the Difficult Areas

There is every possibility that there will be limited preparation time before the aptitude test. Addressing difficult areas first can help manage your reading process before the test. You can jot down every difficult topic and sub-topics and create time to re-visit them.

8. Read All Questions Carefully

The Seplat aptitude test questions need to be carefully read before answering. This is because the aptitude test evaluates your mental reasoning. So, skimming through the questions only might not be advisable. Candidates can read it thoroughly before choosing the correct answers.

9. Refresh Yourself 24 hours Before the Test.

Tension and anxiety are commonly found among individuals preparing for an aptitude test. These are common among individuals sitting for the test for the first time. But there can be cases when tension and anxiety are triggered by stress. Candidates should endeavour to take enough rest a few hours before the test and eat properly. It will eliminate future stress and tension on that day of the test.

10. Avoid Lateness at All Costs.

Every examination has a time allocated for it. The Seplat Graduate Trainee aptitude test is an online assessment, candidates should be seated and ready for the test at least 20 minutes before the time. It will enable you to remove tension and haste during the test.

To sum up, this guide has shown you all you need to consider before taking the Seplat Graduate Trainee aptitude test. We advise all candidates to follow these strategies and get a complete Seplat Graduate Trainee aptitude test past questions and answers before sitting for the test.

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