[Must Read] Post UTME 2018 Preparation Tips

[Must Read] Post UTME 2018 Preparation Tips

Every candidate who desires to gain admission into a Nigerian university will be made to face the Post UTME examinations. The exams are especially strenuous because unlike others, there is no syllabus or guide. They cover everything you treated while in secondary school, and questions can literally be pulled from everywhere. This means that succeeding here will take some extra effort.

However, by following the tips below, you will undoubtedly have a less stressful experience:

Forget your JAMB score

The dynamic factor of your JAMB score means that it is capable of making and marring your chances at the Post UTME exams. If you had a high score in your 2018 JAMB, then don’t make the mistake of getting too complacent that you fail to prepare adequately for the Post UTME. Most universities take their Post UTMEs more seriously because the questions in there are set by them, and not just some external body. They control the exam conditions, and you’re subject to their rules. Ergo, your ability to pass this exam will speak more for you than your JAMB score ever could.

If the university you apply for conducts Post UTMEs and you end up not getting a score that’s high enough, then it is possible you get denied admission even if you did well in your JAMB.

On the flip side, if you scored low in JAMB but your score was enough to get you into the Post UTME stage, then you just need to intensify your efforts so as to get a Post UTME score that will guarantee your admission.

It’s really a two-way street.

Irrespective of what you scored in JAMB, you will need to develop a positive mindset towards your Post UTMEs. The Post UTMEs can help you get in your preferred university, but the first step to achieving that would require you to strive to get a score that’s good enough.

Set your goals

What do you really want to achieve?

Goal setting is another way to ensure that you’re on the right path. When you set a realistic goal, you’re able to understand what you’re working for, and your efforts become more coordinated.

Past questions have to be your companions

As regards Post UTMEs, the most important tools at your disposal will be post UTME past questions. Considering the fact that every university has a way of setting questions, your JAMB past questions might end up becoming obsolete at this point. Make sure to get the past questions that are generic to your preferred university and study them conscientiously. Understand your prospective university’s marking patterns and the structure of their examinations, and test yourself according to their pattern so as to get yourself familiar with their testing conditions.

You can easily get your past questions at exampulse.com.

You’ve got to study for even longer hours

The truth is this: while studying for three or four hours might be fine for the secondary school level, you’ve got to step tings up if you hope to conquer the Post UTMEs. The demand increases with time and as you go higher. If you don’t feed this demand, you’ll end up being really underprepared.

Remember that effective studying depends largely on time. This means that while you might not be able to change the time, you can at least be fast enough to use your time effectively. You can start where you are, but make sure to increase the number of hours you read as time goes on.

Don’t procrastinate

Procrastination robs you of your time, but that’s just the “surface effect”. Actually, it does so much more damage.

You might feel like you have enough time to get a lot of stuff done, but never make the mistake of pushing things back. Become proactive with your preparations now and you’ll find things much easier. Develop a mentality of urgency, and never leave things to chance.

Understand that in extreme cases, cramming pays

Yeah, I know you’ve been told not to cram.

We’ve all heard the “read to understand” jab, but inasmuch as that’s great, this is the real world. You need to remember that in some cases, what you “understand” isn’t what you get when you see the questions. Understand what you can, and cram the rest. At the end of the day, what gets marked is what you put down; not what you “understand”.

Tutorials might help as well

Please, note the “might” in the heading. A lot of people don’t see the need for tutorials, but you’ll find that in most cases, these people have no issues with studying for long hours by themselves. If you feel like you need the external push, feel free to sign up for tutorials. As long as the tutorials are able to produce the desired results, then there’s no problem.

All of these should be more than sufficient to see you through.

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