Why Schools Need To Embrace Digital Marketing Education Big Time

Why Schools Need To Embrace Digital Marketing Education Big Time

Most fortune 500 companies have been around for a long time, why?

They know how to embrace the dynamics of business environment by applying deft digital marketing strategies that enhance brand visibility and increase their bottom line.

Surprisingly, many schools have failed to recognize the massive potential that digital marketing education possesses.

The main purpose of this post is to emphasize how digital marketing can be integrated into schools which would, therefore, increase the educational standard and also be beneficial to students.

One of the hottest topics in business education today is digital marketing. It also has high demand in the market force these past few years and its projected to keep increasing. In the midst of the unemployment problem in Nigeria, Digital marketing is one field whose demand would keep increasing. 

But what exactly is digital marketing? And how exactly can this be taught to students who already are familiar with technology?

According to HubSpot.com, your digital marketing strategy is the combination of actions that are going to help you achieve your goal(s) when marketing on the internet.

Here are some necessary five (5) simple steps in integrating digital marketing into schools:

 The Importance Of Digital Marketing

Informing your class about the importance of digital marketing is probably the most effective way of starting a digital marketing class.

You can give them these five points to tell its importance:

a. Digital marketing assists small businesses to compete with large companies or corporations.
b. It helps people find answers, products, or solutions to their problems.
c. It connects people exclusively through internet-connected devices.
d. Digital marketing is more affordable than traditional marketing.
e. The search engine is what it’s based on and a marketer’s knowledge of how the search engine works

Digital marketing expands daily; therefore, there are many other points you could add to the list.

But these five points mentioned would give your students the context they need to keep moving in this class.

Digital marketing is currently generating several different names, and it’s important to inform students about this which includes; Internet marketing, Inbound marketing, Search engine Marketing, and Online marketing.

In some cases, students may be familiar with one of these names and have an idea about them. But how about a student who never heard of the names? Well, this brings us to the next step.

Principle Of Marketing 

Whether or not digital marketing differs from traditional marketing, the principles are still the same.

You always want to engage your customers and engage them in purchasing from you

In regards to that, digital marketing encompasses the product lifecycle, branding, classification, packaging and lot more.

This also applies to customer`s interactions, particularly segmentation and relationships.

Digital marketing can be contextualized in a simple framework with the help of this information forms the foundation of your curriculum.

However, a student may not realize that seeing ads on Social Media and search result on Google are significant parts of digital marketing.

Before you blow their minds by telling them, it’s vital they have a sound understanding of the principles on which digital marketing operates. Most important that the principles of return on investment be understood that is, a marketing campaign has earned more money than invested

Main Areas To Cover In The Syllabus

The digital marketing program’s classes will range from learning how to rank a webpage on the first page of Google to processing and transposing data analytics in a meaningful way.

The core classes to be required for this digital marketing course should include

Advanced computer applications
Communications strategy and new media
Digital Analytics
Technical Writing and Content Marketing
Digital Consumer Search and Marketing
Digital marketing research
E-tailing and Retailing
Marketing management
Electronic commerce systems.


To be literate in the 21st century requires more than reading and writing. Digital literacy is the driver of industry and growth. The sooner students start learning, the more the opportunities the embrace.

Written by Demi Oye

Demi is a professional copywriter, Brand Strategist, and Digital marketing expert for businesses and startups. Demi also runs a copywriting and digital marketing agency called Liveandwingit with footprints in the finance, blockchain and marketing sectors. You can reach out to Demi at info@liveandwingit.com.

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