Dragnet Vs Workforce Vs GMAT: Similarities and Differences 2019

Dragnet Vs Workforce Vs GMAT: Similarities and Differences 2019

Dragnet, Workforce, and GMAT are enlistment bodies that conduct aptitude tests and psychometric exams for several organizations looking to employ new people. As a matter of fact, these aptitude tests determine whether or not you get employed in some organizations or companies because a lot of them use this test when recruiting new employees. This is so as to ensure that only best fit individuals are employed in these organizations. Therefore, as a graduate seeking employment, you might not escape taking either Dragnet, Workforce, GMAT or any other psychometric/aptitude test while searching for a job.

Commonly, these tests will be divided into Numerical/quantitative reasoning, verbal reasoning/reading comprehension,  Spatial/Abstract reasoning categories. I have previously written an article on how to pass verbal reasoning tests, there’s also an article on 8 important tips on how to ace numerical reasoning tests. You should also check out, surefire hint to pass your next logical reasoning exam. 

The Differences Between Workforce and Dragnet and GMAT

A major difference in these tests is in the test format and the amount of time given. I’ll break this down, read along.

For Workforce Ability Test:

You’ll be given 50 questions to answer in 50 minutes.

  • 20 verbal reasoning questions which you are to answer either, true, false or cannot say to.
  • 10 abstract reasoning questions, here you’ll be presented with a logical sequence of 5 figures, you will need to determine which of the possible answers best matches the next figure in the sequence or replaces the missing figure in the sequence
  • 10 numerical reasoning questions.

Most of the time, this test is used by government organizations in the recruitment process. You can read more about workforce ability tests or download workforce ability past questions.

Workforce Ability is used majorly for government job tests and some oil and gas companies tests.

For Dragnet Solutions:

dragnet nigeria logo

You’ll be given 56 questions to answer in 50 minutes

  • 16 abstract reasoning questions to answer in 16 minutes.
  • 20  numerical reasoning questions to answer in 17 minutes. ratio, percentage, graphs. charts
  • 20 verbal reasoning questions to answer in 17 minutes.

NOTE: Dragnet verbal reasoning questions are different from Workforce and GMAT in that in Dragnet verbal reasoning test, you will be presented with a passage and you choose two true statements. This means you have to choose two answers for each question.

I have previously written an article about passing Dragnet questions. We also have Dragnet past questions available for download.

Dragnet is used mostly for bank job test formats and scholarship exams.


There are four sections;

  • Quantitative reasoning part covers questions problem-solving and data sufficiency. You’ll be given 75 minutes to answer 37 questions. Some questions will not be added to your score but there’s no way for you to identify questions that count and those that don’t. In data sufficiency, you will be given two data labelled a and b, then you are to decide whether the information given in the a or b is sufficient to answer the question, whether they are both sufficient or whether none is sufficient.
  • The verbal reasoning part contains 41 questions to be answered in 75 minutes. 11 questions out of the 41 are experimental and won’t be added to your score. You’ll be asked questions on sentence correction, critical reading, reading comprehension. Sentence correction tests your ability to note grammatical mistakes, critical reading tests your ability to understand and analyze arguments while reading comprehension tests your ability to find information in a long passage.
  • Analytical Writing (30 minutes to write one essay)
  • Integrated Reasoning (30 minutes to answer 12 sheets of questions)

In the GMAT, candidates are presented with a question of medium difficulty—a question that 50% of people answer correctly and 50% of people answer incorrectly. If the candidate answers correctly, the test gives her a slightly harder question. If the student answer incorrectly, the test gives him a slightly easier question. This is what is known as a Computer Adaptive Test (CAT).

Small note: only the Quantitative and Verbal sections are adaptive.

You can get hold of GMAT Past Questions Here, or learn more about GMAT.

Ultimately, the GMAT is a tough test that requires preparation and hard work. If you want a competitive score, you’ll have to work for it. 

The Similarities Between Workforce and Dragnet and GMAT

The similarity between these test formats is that they are mostly tests based on how fast you can think and not necessarily how brilliant you are. These test bodies do not examine candidates based on specific fields of study or area of specialization. They provide the same format of questions for every candidate irrespective of your course of study. They are all majorly reasoning questions and the aptitude test past questions are repeated a lot.

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