5 Reasons You Probably Won’t Make A First Class

5 Reasons You Probably Won’t Make A First Class

You’ve arrived at the conclusion to take your education a step further by studying at a University, and this being no child’s play requires you toe the line of your academics, which simply entails you being focused. Bagging a first class is unarguably pleasing, but in this article, I will be shedding light on 5 reasons you probably wouldn’t make a first class; on why your fantasies about graduating with a first class may not become a reality in the real sense.

Without any iota of doubt, quite a number of students in the universities or polytechnics have the “I-must-graduate-with-a-first-class” mental charge but then we wonder why this charge only gives way to graduating with second class upper or second class lower, or sometimes below, as the case sometimes is, hence standing logic on its head. It is no novel saying that the Nigerian academic environment isn’t very friendly, but we totally can’t shy away from the fact that graduating with a first class only serves as a mantra students chant without necessarily giving it all it takes. No rock science therefore will dispute that failure to achieve this goal is sometimes as a result of lack of determination and concrete plan in course of their academics. These 5 mistakes can be the reason you won’t make a first class:

1. Lackadaisical Attitude Towards 2 Units Courses.

In the university, there are some courses that are 4 units, some 3 units, and some 2 units. Often heard people say “It’s only a 2 units course”. One thing you should know as a student is that you will be doing yourself more harm than good if you choose to give preference to a course with higher units, and sideline courses with lower units. It is only but logical that graduating with a first class requires you ace almost all your courses, and of course, this doesn’t happen when you choose to make light of courses with smaller units. If you have access to past questions, ensure you make sure you go through them and solve as many questions as you can before exams. Read more on why past questions are important in exam preparation.

2. Taking internship and project works with Frivolity

Hinging on the course and the institution, internship and project works are worth 12 to 15 units. You and I know what having a B or C grade will be doing to the cumulative grade of a student on first class. Reasons you will be giving up your first class dream for a lower class, are not far-fetched from poor filling of the logbook, mediocrely written internship reports and poor performance during the defence of industrial attachment.

3. Excessive Partying

Indisputably, all works and no play makes Jack a dull boy and partying serves as a perfect way of escaping the harsh tolls academics takes without allowing it to breathe down our necks. But what if I told you taking it to the extreme may mean you doing yourself more harm than good? I stand corrected. Excessive partying hasn’t been of much use to undergraduates, and every student who desires to become the best would have to be highly meticulous in striking a balance between partying and academics, as these two are parallel to each other.

4. Stabbing Classes

You may be giving way for graduating with a lower degree if you are good at stabbing classes. It may be very easy for you to read notes and grasp better than students who attended classes, but how do you handle studying for courses who have lecturers that prefer you give them all they teach word for word? Missing classes may therefore be detrimental to your academic goals. Asides it altering your continuous assessments, it could reduce your lecturer’s estimation of you in classes where marking attendance is mandatory.

5. Assisting Others During Exams

As normal and helpful as this may seem, if you are caught, you may be ruining your chances at graduating with a first class or nothing at all. This act only helps in marring all you’ve been building.
Imagine a final year student with a strong CGPA caught assisting someone during exams.

This act constitutes examination malpractice and every student aspiring to graduate with distinction must refrain from it. Any academic assistance you have for your friend must have been done before the exams start, not during the exams. If you have a friend that does always need assistance during an exam, refer him/her to this post; How to properly prepare for an examination.  And if you’re the one that usually begs for assistance during exams, you can avoid putting yourself in that condition by preparing adequately before exams and manage your time well during the exam. In addition to the post above you should also read on effective time management during exam and preparation

Words of advice…
As a rule, all students who hope to graduate with a first class have to labour themselves grey with unshaken determination. If the aforementioned mistakes are avoided, failing to achieve your first class goals will be only but a distant echo actualize your academic desires. Asides it barring all foreseen circumstances, your aspirations at graduating with a First class will be secured.

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