Agbami Scholarship 2018: Application, Requirements & Eligibility

all you need know know about Agbami scholarship

Agbami Scholarship 2018: Application, Requirements & Eligibility

Agbami Scholarship is a scholarship for 100lvl and 200lvl university undergraduates. The scholarship is funded by Star Deep Water Petroleum (which is a Chevron which operates on Agbami field and it’s co-venturers) as a major part of their social Investment in the strategic development of education and health in Nigeria.

 Eligibility for Agbami Scholarship

To be eligible for this scholarship, you must be in 100 or 200level in the university studying any of the following courses;

Medicine & Surgery

Just like other scholarships in Nigeria, Selected students among the many applicants are sent an invitation for a computer-based test in different assessment centres in the country. After the test, candidates will be shortlisted and selected ones will be sent an invitation via email and text message. Make sure you enter a valid email address and phone number in your electronic application form on the website.

Please note that applicants for the Agbami scholarship are ineligible to apply for any other scholarship program sponsored by “STAR” or any of its Parties.

Also note that  application for Agbami Scholarship Closes midnight 28th of August 2018

Agbami Scholarship Exam Format

Agbami Scholarship exam follows FOT ( Face of Testing) question format. Candidates would be tested in these areas:

1. Numerical Reasoning

2. Verbal Reasoning

3. Abstract reasoning

4. Verbal comprehension

5. IQ test and in some cases

6. Current affairs.

Agbami Scholarship exam is not an easy one, you need to do a lot of study and practising of Agbami Scholarship past questions that contain likely questions for the Agbami Scholarship exam.

You might find the following links helpful:

How To Apply For Agbami Scholarship and Requirements

If you are already enroled in a scholarship funded by ‘STAR’ or any of its Co-venturers, you cannot apply for this scholarship, also, applying for this scholarship means you cannot apply for any other scholarship funded by ‘STAR’ or any of its Co-venturers including NNPC/CNL JV.  To apply for this scholarship, go to  there, you’ll see all the processes you need to follow.

The following are things you should have ready before you begin the online application for Agbami Scholarship

1. A Passport photograph with white background (450px by 450px not more than 200kb) it should not be more than 3 months old.

2.  Admission Letter

3. School ID card

4. O’ Level result

5. JAMB Result

6. Birth Certificate

7. Local Government Area Letter of Identification

Remember that all the documents must be scanned copies, verified and named accordingly.

How To Prepare For Agbami Scholarship

This is about 100 to 200 thousand naira scholarship, it’s a good way for students to save money during their it’s not a surprise that the stakes are high as regards the test but the good thing is that with adequate preparation, you can definitely do well. Practising beforehand is very essential, this will familiarise you with the kind of questions to expect. if you’ve done enough practice, you will go to the assessment centre with enough confidence. Do not think of cheating in exam hall.d accurate in answering questions.  The test is timed, so you need to be fast and do not waste too much time on questions that are difficult for you to answer.

Download  Agbami Scholarship past questions and solutions pdf. 

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