All You Need To Know About 2018 PTDF Scholarship Interview

All You Need To Know About 2018 PTDF Scholarship Interview

All You Need To Know About 2018 PTDF Scholarship Interview

So you are opportune to face PTDF scholarship panel, you definitely want to make the best use you of it. Being someone who has been there twice (PhD and Masters) and successfully passed the PTDF Scholarship Interview, I have good stuff for you. Read on.


Important Things You Should Take Note Of When Preparing For PTDF Scholarship Interview.

  1. PhD and MSc candidates are going to face the interview panel. All things being equal, ‘CBT test’ will not hold in 2018, unlike other years. Notwithstanding, candidates can still practise a number of PTDF past question to intensify general and technical knowledge. 
  2. A board of 4 interviewers will conduct the interview. This means the board will consist of one or two people from the academic community (most of the time, professors)  and 2 or 3 Human Resource personnel.
  3. All the members of the panel have a copy of the details of your academic credentials, resume, documents and application details. Any other documents you are to bring to the interview centre will be mentioned in the final invitation email sent to you.
  4. As an MSc candidate, questions that relate to your MSc project will be asked.
  5. Questions will be asked based on your thesis(in case of PhD) and statement of purpose (in case of MSc).
  6. Similar to other aptitude tests, there are two kinds of questions for PTDF interview; technical questions and general questions. The questions won’t follow any particular order.
  7. The duration of the interview is short. It is usually 10-15 minutes for each candidate.
  8. You will be marked based on your analytical skills. Adaptability to new environment and communication skills. How well you perform in school in terms of grades is an important factor in the selection process.


     Important Advice For PTDF Tests

  1. Ensure you do a research on the country or school you sent an application to.
  2. Get familiar with your final year project especially if you’re an MSc applicant but if you’re a PhD applicant, pay more attention to your thesis. These two factors are important to your chances of being selected.
  3. Ensure your citations and references are up to date.
  4. Be familiar with your thesis or statement of purpose depending on whichever applies to you. Of what importance studying is the course to you? What positive impact will your work have on and how will it add value to the oil and gas industry in Nigeria? What contribution will your training have on the development of local content?
  5. Make sure you know PTDF vision, mission, and mandate. Be prepared to answer questions that relate to it.
  6. Even if you don’t know the answer to a question, do not freeze. Be confident. If you’re certain you don’t know the answer, say you don’t know it. However, if you have an idea, don’t fail to speak out.
  7. Figure out a gap you want to bridge in the oil and gas sector. Let it be evident in how you respond.
  8. Do not underestimate the power of your appearance. Your appearance counts.

Oh! lest I forget, PTDF is an acronym for Petroleum Technology Development Fund.

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