Luz Neema Foundation Scholarship: How To Apply, Eligibility and Requirements

Luz Neema Foundation Scholarship: How To Apply, Eligibility and Requirements

Luz Neema Foundation Scholarship

Luz Neema Foundation is a non-governmental organisation that awards Scholarships in Nigeria and is not about making profits. Its interest is basically in the development of communities, grassroots most especially. It is funded by the Canadian government, corporate organisations and individuals. The Luz Neema Foundation (LNF) is dedicated to establishing, adding and delivering knowledge by seeing to the consistency in a genuine university culture where ideas and traditions go hand in hand in enriching each other. Luz Neema is, therefore, taking interest in young Nigerians between the ages of 16 to 19 to be awarded scholarships to study in Canada.


Eligibility For The Luz Neema Foundation Scholarship

Below are the criteria for getting a scholarship in the Luz Neema Foundation:

Nigerian citizens who are public universities and colleges of education applicants. Applicants from public Universities and Colleges of Education must have a minimum Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) score of 3.5 or its equivalent (2:1) / Second Class Upper.
+ Applicants from public Polytechnics must have a minimum Grade Point Average (GPA) of 3.0 (upper credit) from the Ordinary National Diploma (OND) programme and must have secured admission into the Higher National Diploma programme (HND).


Direct entry-level students must have a minimum Grade Point Average (GPA) of 3.0 (upper credit) from the OND programme and must have secured admission into 200 level/2nd year in a public University


Newly graduated Secondary School Certificate holders between the ages of 16 to 19 with a minimum of 5 credits including English and Mathematics.


How Candidates Are Selected For The Luz Neema Foundation Scholarship

All eligible students are selected through their school leaving certificate results. Applicants are further tested in written and oral examinations.

The written examination is based on:

General Knowledge: General Knowledge questions are strictly on one’s knowledge of current affairs both within your purview of learning and beyond. It could be in sports, economy, politics, arts, entertainment, music, etc.
English language: Questions on the English language are to determine a candidate’s knowledge of the English language and also it’s application. You should read more on how to pass verbal reasoning tests. 


Mathematics: Questions on Mathematics are to determine a candidate’s ability to deal with numerical information. There is a post on how to blast numerical reasoning tests; check it out. 

N.B: All selections are by merit alone.

Download Scholarships past questions and answers pdf.


How To Pass The Luz Neema Foundation Scholarship Exam


Owing to the different sections your exam will come in, your preparations may have to be different since one has to be written down while the other is done while speaking. Therefore the kind of preparations to be made for the two may have to differ.


There are many tips available on how to pass any scholarship exam, however, Let’s take a look at how to pass the Luz Neema Foundation written scholarship exam.


1. Set Your Priorities Right: Nothing good comes without making sacrifices. The earlier you lived by this principle, the better for you. Most people fail as a result of having misplaced priorities. Your forthcoming exam should be the most important thing for you. Therefore you should know what deal has to be juggled for the success of your exam. Know the kinds of distractions to starve yourself of.


2. Manage Your Time Effectively: Winners are people who are skilled at effectively managing their time. Effective time management is necessary for success in examinations. Gaining reading grounds entails how much of a time manager you are. When you know how to plan your time, lagging behind would never be an issue to you. Be thoughtful in your dealings around the clock, and failing your scholarship exam will be a distant echo.


To pass the Luz Neema Foundation Oral Scholarship Exam, it is necessary to do the following:


1.Practice: Practice typical and targeted interview questions. Do a dry run, ask yourself questions about what the interview panel will likely throw at you. You can stand in front of a mirror to help you. As a minimum, you should be able to answer the following questions.
· Why are you interested in this scholarship?
· Why are you interested in this foundation?
· How do you intend to give back to society if given the opportunity to get the scholarship? 

You should also know that for your aptitude tests, it is important you practice past questions because past questions are important for exams success


2. Pay Attention To Your Looks: Scrutinize how you look and sound. Note inflection of your voice, mannerisms and gestures, facial expressions, poise, energy and enthusiasm in your answers as well as in your body language. How can you improve, enhance, develop, or revise your answers and/or delivery?


3. Be sure of the location of your test, even before the date.


4. Ensure you construct your words carefully. You should not be in a haste to talk, neither should you be too slow. It is okay to feel nervous, but it’s better to appear bold. The reason you have to practice well.


How Do I Apply For The Luz Neema Foundation Scholarship?

1. Although the application is currently closed, your first step to applying would be to download the application form from Luz Neema Foundation Website. After printing, you’ll need to download it.

2. Fill in all the required information.

3. Pay a processing fee of N5,000 at Diamond Bank:
Acct No: 0024923560.
Acct Name: Luz Neema Foundation

4. Ensure that the scanned copy of your bank draft is sent to us via this email: info,  for confirmation.

5. Submit the form together with the required documents.


Documents Required For The Luz Neema Foundation Scholarship

Two passport photographs
Secondary School Transcript
SSCE, WAEC or NECO result
Scratch card (WAEC or NECO)
A copy of your Birth Certificate.

Application Deadline

Middle of August every year.


Where can I get the Luz Neema Foundation Scholarship form?


You can get the Luz Neema Foundation scholarship form at any of the under-listed places:

Any designated Sweet Sensation outlet.
Processing Centre
Comfort Zone Educational
34, St. Fabarrs College Road,
Opp. Zenith Bank By Unilag Rd.,
Top Floor (Tantalizers Building)
Akoka, Lagos
Tel: 01-8186797, 01-7403480, 08183181941

You are required to fill it out and return to the Luz Neema Foundation’s office address together with the required documents listed above.

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