Why Students Are Often Not Shortlisted For Scholarships

Why Students Are Often Not Shortlisted For Scholarships

Why Students Are Often Not Shortlisted For Scholarships

Common Mistakes Made When Applying For A Scholarship

1. Applying When Not Eligible:

Scholarship Schemes usually have a target audience i.e a specific class of students. It might specifically state that the scholarship is for 200 level students of Engineering or other specified courses.  If you don’t belong to any of the target audience, you will be denied the scholarship. Before you apply for a scholarship, ensure you meet the eligibility criteria.

2.  Inaccurate Or Inconsistent information on the application form:   

During scholarship application, the smallest detail matters. Be careful when filling out your application form. Do not write ‘2017’ where you meant to write ‘2018’. Fill the scholarship application form accurately.

 3. Not Providing Complete Documents

In some cases, you will be required to provide some documents in your application form. Not providing all the documents required can hinder you from being shortlisted for the scholarship. Ensure you have all the required documents and upload every document required.

4. Submitting Multiple Applications:

You are required to create just one account to apply with. Multiple applications are not allowed and can be detected. You can lose your chance of getting a scholarship if you do that.

5. Uploading pictures Where Passport Is Required:

Upload an appropriate passport photograph with the required background colour and size. Do not a picture in place of a passport photograph

6. Applying to the wrong scheme:

Some scholarship Schemes have different categories. It can be one with multiple categories like Host-Community based and Merit-based scheme.  Agip Oil Undergraduate & Postgraduate Scholarship has both categories while Agbami Medical and Engineering Professionals scholarship is merit-based. When applying for a scholarship, make sure you apply to the scheme/category you are eligible to.

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7. Using a computer center operator/friends to complete your application:

Nobody can know you as much as you know yourself. Do not hire someone even if it’s your friend to fill out your application form for you.

8. It is highly competitive:

If after meeting all the requirements, you still weren’t shortlisted, it means the scholarship was highly competitive. Thousands of people apply for scholarship schemes regularly, therefore, to increase your chances of being shortlisted, avoid making mistakes during application.


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