Ikeoha Foundation Scholarship Awards

Ikeoha Foundation Scholarship Awards

 Ikeoha Foundation Scholarship Awards

Since not everyone is found capable of making ends meet, Senator Ike Ekweremadu has channeled his time, energy and funds into creating the Ikeoha Foundation. The foundation is a charity organization that supports students in tertiary institutions. Ikeoha Foundation, in conjunction with the office of Senator Ike Ekweremadu, is awarding Ikeoha Foundation Scholarship on a yearly basis to people who are needy of it, and of course deserving.

Eligibility For The Ikeoha Foundation Scholarship Awards

How can I qualify for the Ikeoha Foundation Scholarship Award? Those who are qualified for the Ikeoha Foundation Scholarship award are:

  • Students from accredited institutions of learning in Nigeria
  • Applicants who possess intelligence and good character.
  • Applicants who have completed first semester of their first year of study.
  • Students from Enugu West Senatorial District, Igbo-Eze North and Enugu North LGAs.
  • For Scholarship Award is open to only first-year students of Enugu Origin in any Nigerian Universities.
  • Applicants must be indigenes of Enugu State made up of the 17 L.G.As in Enugu State
  • Application for scholarship award is open to first-year students in universities in Nigeria only.

How To Apply For The Ikeoha Foundation Scholarship

  • Go to the foundation’s website
  • Your next step should be to download and print the Application form.
  • You should completely fill the just downloaded application form with your correct details. Attached to your application form should also be your passport photographs. You’ll need two passport photographs, we recommend that they shouldn’t be more than two months old.
  • You’ll need two signatures on your application form. One of them would be from your Dean of Faculty and the other from the Traditional Ruler of your locality, they shouldn’t be too difficult to obtain, once your cause for their signatures is made known to them.
  • Finally, send your application form along with other required documents attached to it to any of these addresses:
    • Address 1: lkeoha Foundation office: 11/13 Ezillo Avenue, Independence Layout Enugu
    • Address 2: Senator Ike Ekweremadu Constituency Office,Plot 175 Enugu Road, 9th Mile Corner Ngwo, Enugu

Documents Required For The Ikeoha Foundation Scholarship Award

  • Copy of UTME Result
  • Copy of SSCE, WASSC, GCE, NABTEB or equivalent result
  • Letter of Attestation from the Department / Faculty
  • Letter of attestation from his/her traditional ruler

Ikeoha Foundation Scholarship Test Format

Please note: the only people qualified for the Ikeoha Foundation Scholarship Test, are those who have been invited by the foundation to sit for the test. The Ikeoha foundation scholarship test covers the :

Quantitative Test:  This test is used to determine a candidate’s potential to analyze and interpret data through calculations. Most times, tests are given in graph, tables and diagram forms. I have written an article on how to pass quantitative reasoning tests, you might find it useful.

Verbal Reasoning: To assess a candidate’s ability to read and interpret written data, verbal tests are given. Verbal tests are set to evaluate an individual’s ability to grasp information written down, reports, etc. You might find the article on how to succeed in verbal reasoning tests useful.

Abstract Reasoning: Abstract Reasoning tests are set to weigh an individual’s response to ideas. It seeks to determine if a candidate is going to be profitable when employed. Check this post for surefire hints to do well in abstract reasoning tests. 

How To Succeed In The Ikeoha Foundation Scholarship Test

Practice Test Questions: Good you know the format in which the Ikeoha test will be set. Now, the next step is to get yourself practice questions, research online and solve as many questions as possible. These questions will help in identifying your weak areas and help you work on them. The more questions you practice, the surer you would be of yourself. Should you need past questions to practice with, we have a library of scholarship past questions and answers for you to practise with.

Concentrate On Your Weak Areas: It’s nice to turn your A’s to A’s with asterisks, but then how about focusing on turning your D’s to A’s? Often witnessed cases of people failing a particular subject, and having extremely high grades in some others? If you are good at a particular subject, and one other subject suffers, it just might not add up at the end. When you pay attention to the subjects you are weak at, you will strike a balance between all your subjects at the end of the day. To get the best of results, ensure you give in your best to areas you are not so good at. should be given constant attention and study so as to get the best of results. Wasting time on subjects you are really good at may never make up for your weak areas. Just be on the safe side, by being good at all your subjects.

Ensure Your Health Does Not Suffer: I know you are studying too hard, which is commendable. But don’t you think it could be detrimental to your health? However unnecessary as this may seem, it is a very important thing that should be considered. A healthy mind is always a sound mind. Studying really hard for an examination is good, but don’t you think overworking yourself could be a terrible idea?  Trust me, you wouldn’t want to break down when you still have a lot to read.

There is a more detailed article on how to pass any scholarship exam. Do Check it out.

All the best!

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