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Are you a creative Nigerian youth with the personal desire to hone your leadership abilities through the Jim Ovia foundation but keep struggling with the scholarship exam year after year, you’re a candidate in the upcoming exam but you’re still struggling with how to pass this exam. Then thank goodness and the internet that you found exampulse today, for we possess the ultimate solution to your problems.

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About Jim Ovia (MUSTE) Scholarship

The Jim Ovia Scholars Program was founded since 1998. It is fully funded by Mr. Jim Ovia to provide financial aid to outstanding Nigeria youths. The scholarship was previously known as the MUSTE scholarship. Eligble awardees are supported for their undergraduate and graduate study for the duration of their program and includes tuition and maintenance allowances. The scheme offers an average of 100 opportunities each year for new applicants while renewing applicants are supported annually, conditional on meeting all eligible requirements of the scholarship. Since October 2010, Mr. Ovia has invested over 100 Million Naira in the program to support 1500 beneficiaries and counting.

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Why you need Jim Ovia (MUSTE) Scholarship Updated Past Questions And Answers PDF

You’re probably one of those candidates who believe that they already possess all it takes to succeed in exams like this. Well, good for you because the confidence is a good thing. Although I am sincerely sorry to burst your bubble, over confidence in this scenario usually only leads to failure, and a very woeful one at that.

Scholarship exams such as this one are usually known for one thing, and it is that they’re not about a candidates academic prowess but more about his/her level of preparation and determination to succeed. For candidates who have decidedly left their fate in the hands of their academic prowess in the past, they usually end up seeking help for subsequent ones or crash out of the race totally.


Format of the Jim Ovia (MUSTE) Scholarship Exam

The Jim Ovia Scholarship particularly is one which is out to award her scholarship to deserving Nigerians whether undergraduate or graduates and therefore looks out for a lot more than just academic skills. This exam looks out for smartness, creativity, and leadership abilities, hence her exams questions are designed to root out those who have more to offer than just knowledge of books. Candidates shall be tested on three different types of questions usually divided into three sections, they are: Numerical reasoning, Verbal reasoning and Logical reasoning. Be reminded that this scholarship is only awarded to the top hundred candidates annually so it is a very difficult one and therefore requires your 100 percent commitment.The use of calculators are absolutely forbidden, thereby making the exam even harder.


How to Pass the Jim Ovia Scholarship Exam

This is the part you’ve probably been waiting for all along, an like many others are probably expecting a white elephant scheme or trick which would get you in the door, well you’re absolutely wrong. At Exampulse, we are not magicians but a team of competent educationists and researchers, and are totally prepared to help you pass this scholarship exam if you personally are willing to do what it takes precisely.

From research and experience, there is only one way to pass this extremely difficult scholarship exam, and it is through the exploitation of the one weakness which this scholarship has exhibited over the years, this is the recycling of questions from previous years into subsequent exams. This package is an updated PDF version of all past questions and answers from previous Jjim Ovia Scholarship exams and is your best bet at securing that well deserved scholarship. Do yourself a one up today and download this package, you’ll never regret that you did.



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