NNPC / ADDAX Scholarship Aptitude Test Past Questions And Answers PDF


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Need to Know about NNPC/ADDAX Scholarship Aptitude Test

Nigerian National Petroleum Commission offers scholarships to deserving Nigerian students or graduates to study in any foreign University of their choice as part of their contributions to the support of the Niger Delta Communities. This scholarship is open to Nigerian Citizens who are currently Nigerian students in any Nigerian university and those who have obtained a bachelors degree and are interested in pursuing a masters or Ph.D. in foreign Universities.



Why you Need the NNPC/ADDAX Scholarship Aptitude Test Past Questions and Answers PDF

This study is absolutely necessary for you if you’re serious about acing the scholarship test because the test does not administer questions based on a candidate’s course of study but rather measures the IQ and level of preparedness as opposed to brilliance. Therefore it’s easier for you to pass this exam by preparing the right way.



The Format of the NNPC/ADDAX Scholarship AptitudeTest

This scholarship like so many others is divided into three sections, the Numerical reasoning, Verbal reasoning and Logical reasoning test sections. The use of calculators is forbidden, which makes this exam even much harder and needs a lot more preparation than earlier envisaged.




How to Pass the NNPC/ADDAX  Scholarship Aptitude Test 

At Exampulse, we are totally committed to ensuring that this scholarship which is a once in a lifetime chance does not pass you by, which is why we have concisely compiled this awesome study pack to help you kill that preparation and subsequently the test itself. With our study pack, you no longer have to be swayed by how difficult the exam with as we have exploited the one weakness of the exam body and put it to good use in the pack.



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